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  1. Lilacs For Mom

    KC Penn Valley Bridge

    No idea on the bridge program's typical GPA's. I am in the ADN program, there are many in our program within that GPA range. Best wishes!
  2. Lilacs For Mom

    KCMO Penn Valley bridge

    I am assuming you are referring to the LPN-RN bridge program so I am going off of that. The only thing I know is that you are just added into the last 2 semesters of the RN class when you apply. If you look at the RN program your classes will be the last 2 semester classes on the 4 semester plan. Plus, I believe they have you take one additional class only for bridge students. You will also be required to meet all of the graduation requirements like micro, psy 243, speech, ect. The class sizes vary depending on the amount first admitted and how many made it to that point. My current class is in the 2 semester and we have about 65 students. Hope this helps!
  3. Lilacs For Mom

    Penn Valley Community College RN program 2016-2018

    I am just about to start my second semester. Yes, your schedule will change from semester to semester. I can tell you what mine is but, honestly everyone's is a little different depending on their clinical assignment. I am in class all day Tues and in the morning on Wed. My clinicals are Thurs & Fri for the first 5-6 weeks. Then I have a second clinical Mon and Wed (after class into the evening) for the next 5 weeks. No clinicals after that. I have virtual hospital sprinkled in there, 6 total I think, and hospital orientations for each clinical (2). It really is 4-5 days a week. Some in my class have weekend clinicals too. So it is hard to say what you will end up with. Not sure if that helps at all. Best of luck. P.S. There are several FB groups that are an option to join. Just search MCC-PV.
  4. Lilacs For Mom

    How does your school use Kaplan?

    Does Kaplan have books with review material like ATI?
  5. Lilacs For Mom

    How does your school use Kaplan?

    I am getting ready to start my second semester of nursing school and I just learned that my school will be switching from ATI to Kaplan. Just wondering how Kaplan works during nursing school? I am familiar with how you can use Kaplan independently but not how it is implemented during school. Thanks!
  6. Lilacs For Mom

    MCC Nursing Program Compass Test

    Yep, your score won't matter. I had taken college algebra 20 yrs ago. I did not pass that section on the compass. Since I already had the class with a C or higher I did not have to take any additional math. Sounds like you will be fine.
  7. Lilacs For Mom

    MCC Nursing Program Compass Test

    I just finished my first semester. I had a great experience. Yes, there is little issues but, I agree those are present in every program. As the previous poster said each semester is a little bit different. Prior to receiving class, clinical, virtual hospital, and skills schedules just plan to be available 5 days a week. After you get your schedule you may have 1-3 days a week that you are free. There just isn't a regular set schedule, it varies from week to week. I am looking forward to second semester but am expecting it to be very challenging. I think no matter where you chose to go you will experience similar schedules and challenges. As far as the compass- ya it is kind of silly if you already have a bunch of classes. I was in the same boat and just had to take it to take it. My score was not going to matter since I already had English and College Algebra. Just one of those hoops you have to jump through. Best of luck! PS... Little_Bear2013 were you able to find a job after graduation and how did the NCLEX go for you?
  8. Lilacs For Mom

    Penn Valley Nursing 2016

    Just be ready to hit the ground running! There really isn't any way not to be overwhelmed. There is a ton of material and as soon as you think you have things figured out they throw something new at you. As far as working, only you can say what you are capable of. One thing I did that has helped me is to put together a master plan for reading/studying and class content. I did this as soon as I got each of the class schedules. I also started the semester two weeks ahead in reading. I had one spot that I was technically behind, because of several weeks back to back with tons of reading. I am back to two weeks ahead now. That schedule has helped me plan so I am able to complete everything each week. If you don't have a plan you won't know what needs to be done. Putting it all in one place was a huge help. All the instructors have been great. We are only two weeks in on clinicals. So far it is going well.
  9. Lilacs For Mom

    Penn Valley Nursing 2016

    I am currently in the MCC-PV program (first semester). This is my schedule this semester (keep in mind this may not be the same next semester): Mon 2-4 Concepts Tues 8:30-12:20 Fundamentals Wed 8-12 skills lab first 3 weeks (skills lab was based on your clinical day) Wed 7-3 Clinical (7 weeks total) some in my class have clinical on Thur or Fri Skills check off & virtual Hospital: varies week to week. My dates for these are either Mon, Wed (when I don't have clinical), or Thurs. Fri is the only day I do not have anything on campus. I would keep your schedule open Mon-Fri 8-4 (or be able to re-arrange it). You may or may not receive a detailed schedule at orientation. We did but other classes didn't. There are people in the program who are working part-time or full-time. I honestly I don't know how well they are doing. I spend 7 days a week studying-for me personally I could not be successful if I was working. That is something you have to judge for yourself. Best wishes and congrats!
  10. Lilacs For Mom

    Penn Valley Nursing 2015

    I start the actual program on Monday. So we will see how it goes for us then. My kids are all teens and one is away at college. They are all very independent. We came up with daily chores that they have each day to help around the house. Additionally, they each pick one meal to cook each week. Sounds like your situation will be much different than mine. I am not sure that I could have gone back to school when they were all younger. When will do you plan to apply? Best wishes.
  11. Lilacs For Mom

    MCC Penn Valley ADN...What to Expect

    Will need a stethoscope, pen light, bandage dicots, black pen, black scrub pants, black or white shoes and socks, scrub top ordered (and paid for) at orientation, and a name badge clip. We did get told what books we need at orientation. For a Jan start orientation was Dec 15th. Text books listed in school book store were not complete, but that may be because there is new management in the bookstore. I didn't do the lab coat either. Yes, DON of nursing resigned. Interim in place now. No idea about any other changes coming. Excited to start in 1 week! 🤗
  12. Lilacs For Mom

    Penn Valley Nursing 2016

    Hey Erik- Saw your post but I wasn't sure which Penn Valley program you are referring to? There are several schools across the country that have the name Penny Valley. What state is your program in?
  13. Lilacs For Mom

    Malpractice Insurance Help

    I begin nursing school in January. My first clinical will not start until February. I have read in multiple places that I should purchase my own malpractice insurance, even during nursing school. But I have no idea where to begin. Where do I go to purchase insurance? What coverage do I need? I feel like I don't even know enough to ask the right questions. What questions should I be asking? Thanks for the help.
  14. Lilacs For Mom

    Graceland University

    Yep, I was there. How about you? Did you decide to stick with the ADN program? Looks like we lost our DON and now have an interim. Maybe that will be good for the program???
  15. Lilacs For Mom

    Graceland University

    I haven't heard anything about Graceland. I had seriously considered UMKC for the same reasons. I chose to stick with the ADN program and am hoping in the end I don't regret it. On a good note I did get registered for classes today-that is an improvement compared to past classes. Best wishes in figuring things out.