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  1. hooliebug

    My resume's a hot mess, and so am I.

    Hey everyone, I need to put together a new resume for job applications, and it would be nice to have something up-to-date to show potential NP preceptors for graduate school. I have some questions that I wasn't able to find answers to online: Do I ad...
  2. hooliebug

    PCCN Certification?

    I just clocked in at 1 year of experience and my employer is encouraging me to obtain my PCCN certification. I'm looking for helpful resources/programs to help me prepare for the exam. Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. hooliebug

    "Backfill" unit?

    I'm in the middle of orientation for my first job after graduating in December. I accepted a position on a new (tele-wired) unit which my hospital refers to as an "internal medicine" unit -- I assumed that was code for Med/Surg, but I was forwarded a...
  4. I've never heard of a fully online microbiology class. It has a lab component that absolutely cannot be done online, so you're going to have to take an actual class somewhere. A lot of community colleges offer hybrid courses (class online, lab on-sit...
  5. hooliebug

    Question!Please answer or give thoughts

    Sounds like you have a bad case of FOMO. Try not to focus on how great everyone's lives appear to be on the surface (everyone always posts about how great things are going on Facebook and Instagram) and focus on how you're improving yourself and your...
  6. hooliebug

    Any Advice?

    Like you, I used to panic, stutter, and forget to breathe during presentations. Fortunately, you do so many presentations during nursing school that you start to become desensitized to the pressure it. I used to practice speaking in front of my spous...
  7. hooliebug

    I'm Back!

    Welcome back, and good for you for not giving up!
  8. hooliebug

    Accelerated Program. Is it worth it?

    Hi. I am an actual student (in my senior year, last semester) in an accelerated 18-month BSN program. I'm 30 with a fiance and 0 kids, and I have the added benefit of not having to work for us to survive, and... it's been difficult, but doable -- to ...
  9. hooliebug

    Real shortage of nurses or bogus?

    Getting a super trolly vibe from OP. Is there any way to report him/her to the moderators? S/he is being inflammatory for the sake of being inflammatory.
  10. hooliebug


    Male nurses are awesome and I love them. I wish there were more of them. Don't let the fact that you're male and loved by your coworkers get to your head though. In my area (KC MO), new graduates start out making $15 above the minimum wage, which is ...
  11. hooliebug

    Has ATI Testing helped you during Nursing school?

    I think it's garbage -- overtly difficult, not reflective of how you'll actually do on the NCLEX. The school I attend decided to abandon ATI for Kaplan and I definitely prefer the change.
  12. I can't speak to being pregnant in nursing school (or even having kids) but if you decide to accept the spot your school has offered you need to be honest and upfront about your situation before you start. There are a lot of experiences that you as a...
  13. hooliebug

    Getting attached to patients

    Remember why you're there: to help people, not add to their distress. Giving all of yourself to someone for 12 hours and then snatching away that sense of all-encompassing comfort you've created at the end of a shift is not only unhealthy for you, it...
  14. hooliebug

    "Book Smart, No Common Sense" Is nursing for me?

    I'm in my last semester of my senior year (accelerated BSN program) and I can safely say 90% of the people in my class (myself included) are bumbling, awkward, and self-conscious when it comes to many aspects of nursing. The practical skills we learn...
  15. hooliebug

    Applying to NP Programs Senior Year

    I would wait until after you graduate from your BSN program and pass the NCLEX before applying to graduate programs. Many graduate programs require potential students to have a current unencumbered license to apply, and you'd look pretty foolish if, ...