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Hi everyone, I'm curious to know if any ICU RN's out there are currently practicing in an ICU where they are called upon to do CRRT at the bedside. Currently, all HD/CRRT/SLED are done by HD RNs... Read More

  1. by   cc2005
    In my MICU, RN's run CRRT and dialysis nurses come up and run HD. Staffing is usually 1:1 unless we have 3+ patients on CRRT.
  2. by   notimetoday
    I have heard most hospitals keep CRRT 1:1 but unfortunately mine does not. As others have mentioned, the nurses run CRRT and HD nurses come to the ICU to do HD. We are 2:1, with our CRRT patients.
  3. by   gonzo1
    The RNs do CRRT in our ICU. Usually 1:1 patient.
  4. by   xxlilkacixx
    I'm new to the ICU and did my first sled today, it was so fun! We also scuf and do CRRT ratio 1:1
  5. by   meanmaryjean
    We also do CRRT in our PICU- the HD nurses set up the machine, but it's all PICU RNs after that.
  6. by   sockov
    It all depends on staffing and acuity of the patient. CRRT has been grouped with another patient or been 1:1 depending how sick they are and staffing.
  7. by   ICU.RN
    We do crrts on the Msicu/Micu unit where I work. The hd comes and sets up, but we manage it, troubleshoot, rinse back and pull down th circuit when it clots, then we call the HD nurse to put up a new circuit.
  8. by   JSBSN
    CRRT's in my hospital are 1:1 unless they aren't that sick (not vented or not on many pressors). HD nurses come to bedside when ever the kidney clots off/is due to be changed. Its such an easy thing (we use NxStage) but the dialysis company that our hospital contracts with make$ a killing each time they come to do that 45 minute process. Its terrible sometimes because in the middle of the night I've had patients wait for up to 6+ hours for the on-call dialysis nurse to get there and get the CRRT running again. I've worked at a facility (not in the ICU though) that keeps there CRRT patients as normal staffing (2 patients per nurse) AND they have to do all the setting up/etc themselves. It really just depends on where you work. The NxStage systems are so easy to run that its become much less labor intensive.
  9. by   beckster_01
    Dialysis RNs set up, but we run the machines after that. It really isn't that bad once you get the hang of it, and we have them frequently enough that most of the nurses are accustomed to it. We keep 2:1 ratio, but if the patient that is paired with the CVVH is pretty sick then we might split. And obviously we would split the assignment if both patients were on it, but I haven't seen that happen yet.
  10. by   XYRNMN
    In my Twin Cities area ICU the pt and the machine both get a nurse, so, 2 RN's in the room - this is for as long as it is felt that it's necessary, then if the pt is stable (in ICU terms) then it's a 1:1.
    Never will the CRRT nurse have another pt.
  11. by   sockov
    I work at a Level 1 trauma center. The ICU nurses run the CRRT, but the HD nurses set it up. Most times the patient is grouped with another assignment, depending how sick the CRRT patient is, but we try to make them 1:1 if staffing allows and unit acuity.
  12. by   DroogieRN
    We do CRRT on my ICU. We set up and run it in it's entirety, based upon a set of preprinted orders. It's always 2:1, but they try to gmake your second patient fairly stable, although one that will remain on the unit so you won't have to have an admission. We have to take a class in it first, and be "checked off" before we can take a CRRT patient. I personally love doing it.
  13. by   Courtney1305
    In our ICU's in my area, the pt is 1:1 and only the ICU RN can run the machine. The patient is usually very sick with multiple drips and ventilated so I do not see how an non ICU RN could run that machine while changing the settings to keep the pt stable.