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Hi everyone, I'm curious to know if any ICU RN's out there are currently practicing in an ICU where they are called upon to do CRRT at the bedside. Currently, all HD/CRRT/SLED are done by HD RNs... Read More

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    We (RNs) do CRRT 1:1, but we also do peritoneal dialysis. Dialysis nurses do HD.

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    1:1 in my last unit and yes the ICU nurses set up and started CRRT. Of course we had to be trained and checked off but we did it all. HD was done by HD nurses, PD was done by the floor nurses (renal floor) they come to the unit or ED and set it up if needed.
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    Quote from liz0105
    We have been told that the ratio for this assignment would be 1:1...
    Try and get that in writing because they will change their minds. Also try and involve the medical director of Nephrology as he/she will support the necessity of 1:1 staffing. There is no such thing as a stable CRRT patient. If they were stable they would receive a regular HD treatment.
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    In my MICU, RN's run CRRT and dialysis nurses come up and run HD. Staffing is usually 1:1 unless we have 3+ patients on CRRT.
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    I have heard most hospitals keep CRRT 1:1 but unfortunately mine does not. As others have mentioned, the nurses run CRRT and HD nurses come to the ICU to do HD. We are 2:1, with our CRRT patients.
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    The RNs do CRRT in our ICU. Usually 1:1 patient.
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    I'm new to the ICU and did my first sled today, it was so fun! We also scuf and do CRRT ratio 1:1
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    We also do CRRT in our PICU- the HD nurses set up the machine, but it's all PICU RNs after that.
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    It all depends on staffing and acuity of the patient. CRRT has been grouped with another patient or been 1:1 depending how sick they are and staffing.
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    We do crrts on the Msicu/Micu unit where I work. The hd comes and sets up, but we manage it, troubleshoot, rinse back and pull down th circuit when it clots, then we call the HD nurse to put up a new circuit.

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