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Hey, I'm in ICU here in Australia, and I've noticed that you guys in the states seem to have 1:2, even with stuff like vents and CRRT. I'm just wondering about the practical aspects of this;... Read More

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    2:1 is possible when there are Respiratory Therapists to handle all vent needs, they will even do all the trach care.
    Wrist restraints are often necessary along with the right amount of sedation.
    A vented patient off sedation is either being evaluated by the neurosurgeons or going to be extubated soon.
    The CRRT patients are usually 1:1, and even then, the dialysis nurse will set up and take down the dialysis.
    My hospital uses transport nurses when you have a pair of patients. The transport nurse has a pager and will take your ICU patient to CT scan, MRI or wherever.

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    We have a 1:2 as a guideline. We will go to 1:3 if acuity is light. Between the charge nurse and patient nurse we can discuss making a patient 1:1 is they are busy enough. CRRT is always 1:1 but we tend to work it out to what makes sense. Vented patients are in 2 point restraints if active enough to pull out a tube. Most vented patients are sedated to light or moderate sedated, whatever seems to work. If a patient pulls out an ET with their toe, maybe they deserve to have it out! lol

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