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Hi everyone I am a recent new graduate Registered Nurse with my BSN from Denver Colorado. My boyfriend and I are looking to move to Michigan within the next month or so for his teaching job in Howell, MI. I have been looking... Read More

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    Quote from OCUnurse
    Thank you all for the words of advice. I know I've kind of taken over this thread, but I did have a couple of questions for you all.

    I've been applying for positions for months now as an un-licensed, graduate nurse with very little feedback. I finally have my test date, AUGUST 2nd!!! Wish me luck. Anyway, I am not from the area either. I am heading to Ann Arbor tomorrow for some huge craft fair thing. I like to put a picture with all these hospitals. So I should drive-by St Joes, UofM, and the VA? Are there any others I should be aware of? I've used google.

    I live in the Troy area, and apply for several positions on a weekly basis. I should start to get some more feedback when I have my license, right?! Cross my fingers that I pass ! I've been studying for a while now!

    Those are the 3 big employers in the Ann Arbor area. You are going to the Art is juried and quite nice. Traffic and parking will be challenging...but you should enjoy yourself.

    Are you looking also at the Oakwood health system? DMC. Henry Ford, Beaumont are other hospitals in the area. I understand that Seasons Hospice is in a "power surge" right now and is hiring and expanding in SE Michigan.
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    Oakwood actually spoke with me over the phone. (Only Detroit Metro Hospital to do so). They told me to contact them when I have my license. I apply to multiple positions at DMC on a weekly basis. HF hasn't had much lately for new nurses, and I've tried applying at Beaumont for their internship positions but no luck.

    I am from out-of-state, so I do not if they are looking at the application and am at a disadvantage because of it. I'm truly hoping and preying that once I have my Michigan RN license some of the area hospitals will take my application seriously. I really want to stay in MI, but I may have to go back to where I went to school.

    Thank you for the heads up! I'm looking forward to the art fair tomorrow to take my mind off all this stuff for a little bit.

    I haven't heard of Seasons Hospice. I'm going to look it up in a little while.

    Thanks again!
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    Anyone have any comments on Cana Care?

    I'm not sure how they got my contact information, but I received a phone call from them today. Please private message me or reply here.
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    likely for profit...home care or hospice or both.

    You are correct that you are not at the top of any hospitals list without a current and active MI license. Good luck.
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    I currently work at the U as an aide and am trying to get an RN job thier the problem is that they are getting over 100 apps per job, they are not easy in the slightest to get into right now. Becareful....
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    I'm from that area. It might take you a little while but you will find something eventually. look towards the detroit area.
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    I am starting a nursing program in the fall, and I plan on moving back to Michigan once I finish. I am also worried about being able to find a position once I return to Michigan as well as it taking a long time getting my license, etc...
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    There are ads. I get a lot of calls. However, I am a senior nurse. Try teaching hospitals. They like new grads. Good luck in your move and search.
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    Home care and travel agencies want you to be experienced 1-2 years.
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    Which hospitals would be good for a new nurse?

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