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  1. I am a firm believer in the Community Colleges, you get your work done faster and are out working, then you can do an 18 month BSN ONLINE!!!!! No driving, work schedules dont need to be adjusted, save on $$ for food, ect... But in the end you have to go where you can. Good luck:)
  2. momof2*s

    Temporary License

    say you move from NY to MI; you apply for a MI license or a "temp" license which will run out in a certin amount of time, there basically for while your waiting for your application for license to be approved! But your right in the fact that you either have your license or not.
  3. momof2*s

    New Grad RN moving to Michigan, ANY JOBS?????

    I currently work at the U as an aide and am trying to get an RN job thier the problem is that they are getting over 100 apps per job, they are not easy in the slightest to get into right now. Becareful....
  4. Partly for the hubby; It started when a visitor to one of my pt's gave me his card and told me about Midlothian, (my hubby works with concrete) I was told of the quickcrete headquarters in that area and so on. I definetly wont move unless I have a job, and we plan to rent before buying. I have been doing some research but I feel first hand is so much more important and reliable! Once I take (and PASS) NCLEX I plan to get ahold of my new aquantance and see if he will be of any assistance as well. :yeah:Thanks again!
  5. Hey everyone, Taking NCLEX on the 20th of July and having a hard time getting an RN position up here; even though I'v been working as a CNA at the U of M hospital for almost 8 years on inpatient transplant and ortho floors! Was given a tip about checking out DFW Texas areas but its so hard when your not from there and dont have anyone close to you that is! Any pay would be an increase to what I already make and hubby has been laid off seince December so it will all be an upward move for us! Would really apperciate any info; towns with good schools are a must have a 6th grader and an almost Kindergartner, a loving lab, and sidewalks are nice! :redbeatheThanks everyone in advance your help is greatly apperciated!!:redbeathe
  6. momof2*s

    HFCC Grads; OB or Peds first??????

    Hey everyone; Im going into 250/255 in winter 10' and wondering which you would rather do first; ob or peds and why? Thanks in advance.....
  7. momof2*s

    Accelerated ADN Programs in MI

    The U of M has an accelerated BSN program (12 months) you have to have a BSN in something else already to qualify.
  8. momof2*s

    HFCC Long Awaited Accept Letter!!!!!!

    :yeah:Congrats... enjoy your time there, I dont think its as bad as EVERYONE made it out to be. Yes; it takes alot of hard work and motivation but it is so rewarding and SOOOOO worth it! Its def a once in a life time experience and treat it like that.
  9. momof2*s

    C.S. Mott Hospital (U of M)

    I work at the U now as an aide and it use to be that you had to have at least a years experience before you could work over in mott; just the other day I was looking through the RN job postings and there were two for mott and it said the would accept GN (graduated nurse) as applicants. Im going to try when its time for me to fill out some apps! Also all of thier applying is done online. Go to thier web site umich.edu and select job posting you will create an account and thats how you apply. Good luck.
  10. momof2*s

    HFCC - Drug Book

    Go to HFCCs' website and enter the Bookstore icon, follow the on screen directions of how to do a book search(very simple) and you can have your own list of requied and optional books.
  11. momof2*s

    HfCC waiting list

    i would keep hfcc in mind they have a much larger class size so the wait tends to be shorter and they have to give the longest wait possible as to not have people banging thier door down saying "but you said" i was told 18 months and only waited 7.5! good luck.
  12. momof2*s

    waiting at HFCC

    If I were to guess you will probley start in fall of 10' make sure ALL your prereqs are done and enjoy what time you have because it will be cut down to practically nothing in the next year.
  13. On webadvisor if you go in to the "program evaluation" it will show the date as to which you took the NET and that is the date you were put on the waitlist.
  14. momof2*s

    Cheap varicella titer????

    I would check you county health dept. I live in Oakland and need to get my TB done due to it not being good through the end of fall 09' and the county health dept. does it for free. I would check on the other immunizations they may be free also or much cheeper!
  15. momof2*s

    HfCC waiting list

    I was put on the list on Nov. 5th 07', and recieved my letter in the very last set (the end of July)for the fall semester of 08'; I think we were lucky though because there were some people that had just got on the wait list in Jan. and were in my group! I also had all my prereqs' done at that point. Good luck and hang on it will come before you know it! Dont go out of your mind and enjoy the time you have now.
  16. I have to agree with you; HFCC is the 3rd CC that I attempted and they have been nothing but great! I had no run around like the ones and I feel they do a great job espicially considering thier class size.