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  1. No nursing shortage: roll call!

    If anymore people tell me about a "nursing shortage", I have some swamp land in Florida to sell to them.
  2. An odd staff member

    If this nurse has no boundaries discussing these personal issues with co-workers, I am concerned that this may occur with patients as well. Some persons with a history of abuse (especially sexual) have difficulty setting boundaries with others an an ...
  3. Nightmare New Grad NP Position

    Sorry. Forgot to add. I found an NP position without a third party involved. WINNING!!!! :yelclap:
  4. Nightmare New Grad NP Position

    Update: I stayed there for 2 days. The agency tried to convince me to be patient and give them time to learn what the role of an NP is. I showed them in writing what our scope of practice is and set professional boundaries with staff. They are not in...
  5. Beware of "Bait and Switch" Government Contract Job Openings

    @xtxrn, I think Charlie Sheen is a genius :) Staying away from ALL agencies in the future, especially the ones advertising govt positions. They've made enough money off nurse's hard work and the troops bloodshed. I'm voting with my feet.
  6. All Job Seekers, I want to warn everyone about shady agencies taking advantage of nurses and nurse practitioners looking for a job in this tough economy. These agencies post deceptive ads with jobs that never exist. They use the "bait and switch" te...
  7. Nightmare New Grad NP Position

    I suggested this to the doctor. She did not want me to sit in. I had a long discussion with my agency about several issues like professional boundaries with staff. They are calling the company to sort things out. I am just let down because this is my...
  8. Terrible first NP job

    I'm going through that now...I can tell it's territorial thing since I am the only NP
  9. Nightmare New Grad NP Position

    Hello Everyone, I started my new job as a Psych NP at an outpatient clinic and do not think it is a good place to work. This is my first Psych NP job and a locus tenems position. During the interview, they made it sound great and told me the psychiat...
  10. I REALLY need some direction from Mi RN's!

    Muddamia (I like your name by the way :) Congratulations on your move and new position!!!!! :) I wish you the best. You sound like an adventurous person and I respect that. Since my last posting, I have been offered a couple positions. I guess the e...
  11. I REALLY need some direction from Mi RN's!

    I've lived in over half the states in the U.S. and have traveled extensively my entire life. I believe that SE Michigan has one of the worst economies in the U.S. I know many people with degrees that lost their jobs and can't sell their homes becaus...
  12. Hi TravelGtr, Yes, I am a fellow gator :) Thanks for sharing your experiences. I think the flexibility and autonomy of being an independent contractor will be truly liberating. As yourself, I will be able to set my own hours and fees. I was worrie...
  13. Hello, I was wondering if any nurse practitioners could give some advice and tell me the pros/cons of being an Independent Contractor ? I've been offered a position but have some reservations about it since they do not offer benefits, PTO, retirement...
  14. How to Handle Student Incivility

    Meriwhen, those are all good points that I did not mention. The school has a dress code policy and I have sent a couple students home that were dressed inappropriately for clinical. For example, I tell the females not to have cleavage showing or avoi...
  15. How to Handle Student Incivility

    At the beginning of the semester, we go over the clinical course syllabus and I give the students a list of written rules/expectations for the course. Among them are: 1. No cell phones, texting, or personal laptops allowed during clinical. We do clin...