MI hospitals that don't hire LPNs?

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    I have heard that some michigan hospitals don't hire LPNs anymore.. anyone know which don't and which do? thanks.
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    i know mt clemens dont hire LPNs, they only kept like 4 because of union issues.
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    Beaumont hires LPNs as nurse techs only! But at least they hire them.
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    DMC/Harper Hospital does and so does St. John Macomb/Warren. DMC tells the rate of pay also.
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    I don't believe St. Mary's in the GR area do. Metro Health hires very few, Spectrum Health will sometimes.
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    Never seen one at oakwood or genesys
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    When I did clinics at Oakwood and Henry Ford Wyandotte, I saw LPNs on the med/surg units with their own assignments.
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    That's why I said I have never "seen" one- I wasn't sure cause I don't work med-surg Thanks for the info. I saw them at North Oakland, but somebody told me they got bought out. So don't know now
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    I have never seen one at HF main. We had one at HF Wyandotte on a med surg unit. There was one at Oakwood as well. However now they aren't hiring many LPN's any more. I don't know if the ones I mentioned are still at HFWH or Oakwood.
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    Dmc receiving & henry ford! Also u of m ann arbor

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