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what brands and style I decided I am gonna order some off the net because I am sick of the unisex crap. I have been looking at the Aviator scrubs and they seem pretty nice.... Read More

  1. by   NurseSpanky
    I'm a CNA, Nursing Student and free lance embalmer. I love Aviator, 5.11 pants and Nurse Joe camo scrubs for something different. The best deal for 5.11 online is through LA police gear. Not much higher than cost.
  2. by   3ccBolus
    Hahaha, free lance embalmer?? That just sounds hilarious!
  3. by   KarmaWiseRaven
    I got tired of trying to find ( GUY ) Scrubs they were unisex and so on. Not the right print don't fit right in the legs you all know the drill and might of been where i was at. So i know this a seamstress and I'm such a guy i didn't even know really what one does I'm a t- shirt and jeans type guy and one day she said hey your a nurse who makes your scrubs? So i said well i buy them from and told her the brands. She said well i can make you scrubs cheaper and better then anything out there. Go to walmart or any hobby - fabric store pick out the patterns find a seamstress. She or He will make you a pair you cant go wrong. Also they will tell you what makes good scrub material. Don't know where to find one? Any hobby store or phone book. Mine just happens to be a RN in Med / Surg and a friend of the family. These are my thoughts use them as you wish
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  4. by   LostButMakinGoodTime
    For guys, especially tall ones, Aviator scrubs are the bomb . They last forever, and just keep getting better as you wear them. Buy a few sets of Aviators and some Danskos, and spend your uniform money for the next 10+ years on something important like FUN .
  5. by   corbinRN
    I really like Cherokee. Specifically the bottoms with the drawstring AND the elastic around the waistband. They are very comfortable and functional, with the side pockets and all.
  6. by   RyanL2
    I like the Skechers cargo pant scrubs. They have a lot of pockets, and are super soft.
  7. by   danegerous
    I am actually in the process of developing my own scrubs. I have been trying on and test-fitting every set I can get my hands on to find out which features I want to keep. This is a long process, but I really think it will pan out in the long run.

    The target audience will be men, but more of a "tactical" or high acuity setting. What I mean by that is, they will be geared toward function, having lots of pockets and lots of performance-enhancing features: gusseted/vented sleeves/pockets, self-hemming pant legs allowing adjustable lengths, etc.

    In the mean time, I just bought some men's scrubs from Grey's Anatomy, they were $32 for the top and $36 for the pants...these suckers better start IVs for me!
  8. by   mcknis

    when you get to that point...post here for us!
  9. by   jdanruck
    I love the iguana scrubs from iguanamed
  10. by   PeaceKeepr
    Got a pair Dickies Medical Uniforms Men's 8-Pocket Utility Scrub Pants from allheart.

    • Men's cargo pant
    • Zipper fly, button closure, drawstring waist
    • Eight pockets include two front pockets, one back pocket, coin pocket and multiple cargo pockets
    • Velcro closure on cargo pocket
    • Soil-release poly/cotton
    • Approx. Inseam: Petit - 28" Regular - 30" Tall - 32"
    The pair I got did not have an option for the Inseam but they were long. I normally where 38x32. The L fit my waist but not my thights...god that sounds so female...but I was scared I was going to blow the crotch out. The XL fit but are fairly baggy. The legs are having to be himmed. But, these are really nice.
  11. by   acl0727
    I have to wear all white. I need a scrub top with plenty of pockets. I like landau's scrub tops.
  12. by   johnny depp23
    I found these leather scrubs at a flea market for only 10 bucks. They were oh so comfortable, and made me stand out whenever I came into work. If your DBN will allow you to wear them, I'd suggest you do it.
  13. by   s2udeus
    I love Landau's line of nursing scrubs for males. There cargo pants are great.