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corbinRN has 5 years experience and specializes in Pediatric Critical Care.

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  1. corbinRN

    what are the best mens scrubs you have found?

    I really like Cherokee. Specifically the bottoms with the drawstring AND the elastic around the waistband. They are very comfortable and functional, with the side pockets and all.
  2. corbinRN

    Nurses pay compare to Female

    No. The only reason for the statistical difference is because, generally, there are higher percentages of male nurses in areas where the salaries are generally higher (ICU, CRNA, etc.) At the hospital I work at, they start all nurses out at the same rate (based on experience and certification only).
  3. corbinRN

    Does being called a male nurse annoy you?

    Yes! And it gets on my nerves when people are like "you see more and more male nurses every day...some of my favorite nurses were males" as if they're trying to make you feel better about your profession. lol. I feel like some female nurses and male nurses are equally great at nursing. All I know is that I can run laps around some of the other nurses (both male and female) in doing IVs on my unit ...just sayin'
  4. corbinRN

    Question for the fellas....

    Your gender, in my experience, does not give you any benefit over female nurses in securing employment. My wife is also an RN and we both had equal problems finding a job. Truly, the ONLY thing that matters in finding a job is who you know.
  5. corbinRN

    The Great Double Standard?

    It's just like any other issue: race, sex, disabilities, age... Now that everyone is "treated equal" (which I am glad it is), it seems they overcompensate for the past. Women are now doing jobs that traditionally men do, but Lord forbid someone say something to them; but let a guy do a job that traditionally women do, anyone can say anything they want and get away with it. Same with race: how many times have you been to a store where all the employees are of the same race (other than white)? Many times. But if someone hires all white people, it's discrimination. Just my observation and opinion...
  6. corbinRN

    Male nursing and needing chaperone

    I am a male nurse and I never get someone to come in the room with me during patient care unless there is a reason that I need help. In my opinion, if they make men take females in pt rooms with them, then they should also make women take men in the room with them and how do they know who is gay or lesbian? A gay male nurse could just as well "do something" to a male pt. This is stupid. I do, however, believe that, if after assessing the situation, you feel like you might need a "chaperon," then take one with you! So, if someone is going to lie to try to sue you, then they are going to lie no matter if you take someone in the room with you or not. They can always say that you came back in the room later (after the chaperon left) and did something with them. If they're gonna lie, they're gonna lie. This shouldn't be an issue.
  7. corbinRN

    Nurse with Body Odor

    You can always place an anonymous note in her mailbox...LOL!