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  1. LostButMakinGoodTime

    Second career advice

    Joe, The job market in western PA (Pittsburgh) is good. Pittsburgh is a regional medical center, so demand for RNs remains constant (turnover). I am a second career RN, I've worked in SICU/CVICU since graduation in 2006. I'm moving to an outpatient position now, but will continue to fill in at the CVICU where I currently work. I have a BA and a BS, neither of them in nursing. I'm thinking about completing a BSN, but at age 53 I don't know if it's worthwhile. Good luck with your decision.
  2. LostButMakinGoodTime

    Can I get out?

    We are required to wait until 90 days before the expiration of the contract to begin efforts to decertify. SEIU is not a nursing union, and isn't even really a healthcare union. The local at our facility has over 1400 members. We have not had a union meeting in 3 years, even though the local's charter requires it. When questioned about the lack of meetings, lack of representation, etc., the local replies "nobody comes to them anyway". The SEIU takes in over 1 million dollars per year in dues from just this facility. Oddly enough, we are the only unionized RNs in this area, but we are the lowest paid RNs working in a level one teaching facility.
  3. LostButMakinGoodTime

    Can I get out?

    We are unhappy with the union, and are taking steps to rid our facility of these pests. The petitions to decertify will be circulating beginning in August of this year, as our "contract" expires in November. Hopefully we will ring in 2013 by sending the SEIU (Serving Employers Instead of US) packing. It is looking great so far :)
  4. LostButMakinGoodTime

    Can I get out?

    Whining? I think not. Just stating a position. I don't watch Fox News, in fact, I rarely watch TV at all. And, as a matter of fact, my facility will be non-union soon :)
  5. LostButMakinGoodTime

    Can I get out?

    The 2012 elections will likely break the backs of most of the unions anyway
  6. LostButMakinGoodTime

    Can I get out?

  7. LostButMakinGoodTime

    Can I get out?

    Yes, please expand on that profound thought. There are more than a few RNs that are unhappy with the politics of their unions. Some of us are politically conservative. The union I am forced to belong to goes against everything I believe in. As far as the Beck objector status, I've explored that. Please don't try to tell me that the SEIU only spends 5% of my 75.00/month dues on political activities. There are quite a few RNs in my facility that feel the same way. We would dearly love to show the SEIU the door, but the current rules of engagement make that a bit difficult.
  8. LostButMakinGoodTime

    career change question

    I graduated nursing school at 46, after retiring from 25 years in "local government". I never had a problem being accepted, get along very well with my co-workers. You'll be fine.
  9. LostButMakinGoodTime

    Male Nurse Characteristics

    Yes. Yes. No.
  10. LostButMakinGoodTime

    Experience vs. Degree

    Bachelor's degree a sign of ability? Please. I paid for mine, did it online. Basically went through the motions and graduated. If you paid your tuition, you got a passing grade. Nothing but a cash cow for financially strapped colleges and universities.
  11. LostButMakinGoodTime

    Are you an organ donor?

    I can understand why your view is what it is, and I'm glad that you were able to benefit from a transplant program. Sadly, I have seen and heard things that lead me to believe that in some cases, facilities are simply trafficking in human organs for profit. As you said, costs are associated with all treatments. However, profits for health systems are HUGE for organ transplants, especially lung and liver transplants. Another favorite, LVADs. I know there is some good being done, but most of my co-workers share my views (or I share theirs), because the majority of us are no longer donors.
  12. LostButMakinGoodTime

    Nursing Shoes

    I've been wearing the same pair of brown Danskos for five years now. They are VERY comfortable for twelve hour shifts, and they last forever. Most of the staff on my unit wear them, and ALL of the surgeons wear them. The medical students are catching on .
  13. LostButMakinGoodTime

    Anyone else a Biker Nurse? ;)

    Yes, I'm a biker nurse. I ride a 2006 Yamaha R6 sportbike, and I love it. I ride the Dragon (US 129) every year with friends. The looks on the docs faces are priceless when I walk into the unit with my helmet in my hand.
  14. LostButMakinGoodTime

    Are you an organ donor?

    I was. Then I started working on a transplant unit. Unfortunately, I have learned that it isn't really about saving lives, and enhancing the quality of same. It's about money.
  15. LostButMakinGoodTime

    Wisconsin has gutted Medicaid, no mandated ratios!

    Doesn't really matter if you buy it now, doesn't it? Because our political views don't match yours we are somehow less of a nurse? One would think that in four decades you would have noticed that everyone doesn't agree on everything, and the nurses come in all shapes and sizes, and some of us don't feel the same way you do about some things.