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Sorry in advance if this is not the place to be talking about something like this, but here it goes. Ever since I hit puberty I have had a problem with excessive sweating of my right armpit.... Read More

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    Certain Dri works great! I perspire excessively as well and I think a lot of it is due to nerves. I have taped ABD pads to my armpits when faced with social situations that it's absolutely imperative that I do not perspire through clothing, but it's too cumbersome for everyday life.
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    Almost everybody is making t-shirts out of moisture wicking fabric. I wear the jockey t-shirts they were on sale.

    Not prefect but helps.
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    Quote from Ariko
    Nice link, my only complaint is the selection for men. Boxers and briefs are the only two options, it would be nice if they had a man-thong option available.
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    My Dad has this problem and the only thing that finally worked for him was Botox injections. Ask your doctor about it, it completely worked for my Dad. Good luck.
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    Botox works great. I'm a RN injector and I do this all the time. You will probably have compensatory sweating elsewhere but all of my patients don't care. It looks like in the future there will be a topical Botox for hyperhydrosis so people won't have to get all those injections. It is fairly expensive-I charge $1000 because you use a whole vial of Botox. If you have insurance and have tried all of the prescription products the insurance might pay for it if you go to a derm. The nice thing is it lasts 9-12 months so you don't have to do it too often! Good luck!
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    I've heard that Botox works really well too. As for stains - use an antiperspirant that doesn't contain aluminum - that's what causes the stains!
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    "So, you may get your underarms to stop sweating only to have your butt crack compensate (for example)." That was funny!
    So, is that 1000 bucks a year for Botox? Yikes?

    What works well as a daily for people who just sweat when under pressure?

    OP - I sure hope you found something cost effective that worked for you.
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    im raising this thread from the dead.

    I use robinul, prescribed by a dermatologist for excessive sweating. works like a charm! moved back to hawaii from sf and the humid weather kills me.

    the only thing is that you can get some dry mouth, i just eat gum to combat that. other than the dry mouth it works wonders.

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