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    Aesthetics Nursing

    Hi Aprilr, I have been in aesthetics almost 8 years. When I first started it was hard finding programs to get trained. I can't even really remember how I first got trained. I do remember my first pt was a Dr. I called on when I was a rep & I was sweating bullets. I changed jobs & took a couple of training classes that were expensive but great - I didn't have to pay for them though. I perfected my technique & about 3 years ago I started to do trainings for Allergan (Botox & Juvederm) & Medicis (Restylane & Perlane). I enjoy doing those but they typically are not for beginners because you usually only work on 1 pt & you're competing for time with the trainer. All of the companies can certify you but there is no "standard" of requirements like nursing school. Finding a job in this business is hard - if you can find a Derm of Plastic surgeon that is a great place to start. There are alot of med-spas out there but they typically want someone with experience because they don't have Drs in the office to train you. As Redhotzz said you need to see what the laws are in your state with who can inject & if your Dr has to be on site or within a certain distance when you're injecting. I have been a national trainer for another company also & I have found the best way for people to learn is by doing one on one training. I am big on the didactic work, but I have found that the best thing is to practice over & over again. Typically after doing the didactic I have people inject as many people as we can get in. It is also so important that after training you can start seeing pts right away so you don't forget what you learned:) I recently went out on my own as an independent contractor & trainer & have my own office & am loving every minute of it! I work out of town a week a month & have had several other offices call me wanting me to come inject for them. I have more work than I can handle:yeah:I have licenses in 3 states & may have to get more! Good luck with your new career!
  2. BotoxRN

    Contract aesthetic nurses

    Hi NurseinNOLA, I emailed you privately with my personal email & didn't know if you got it. If you still want to talk let me know. I will be in LA the week of Sept. 14th & would love to talk with you.