Thin skinned nurses

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    Is anybody else extremely tired of being accused of "yelling" when actually, you're just being firm about a position? I have to laugh and shake my head because, if I wanted to yell, I could give a clinic on it, due to my time in the USMC.
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    Perception is reality sometimes. You have to understand that your standard for yelling is a bit different than normal people. I'm not saying that you are actually yelling, but if it has come up more than once I'd give some serious thought to how you are coming across. I've never been a Marine but people have asked me if I was, based on my demeanor. It has given me a lot of growth moments but I think I'm better off because of it. Good luck.
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    One of the male nurses working under me has a hearing problem, so he actually is yelling sometimes, and he doesn't realize it.

    Like nurse2033 says, one man's firm is another man's yelling. Perception is important. I have never come close, because I have a calm demeanor to begin with.
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    More than once I have been pulled into the managers office and been accused of this exact same thing. For instance, most recently, I had a new nurse transfer me a patient in respiratory distress to the SICU. The probefore she had brought the patient to me she did NOT call report and then.... The patient arrived 10 minutes before shift change. She did not.stay on the unit, nor did she give me report on the fly so to speak. She simply dumped the patient and left. Well, when she finally called me report I was furious. I remained calm when I informed her that what she did was not acceptable, and that she can be written up for such actions, but I would give her a free pass this time and not Write her up. I thought I was being nice. Fast forward two weeks and I get called into the managers office and was accused of making a nurse cry and belittling a colleague. I thought... ARE YOU KIDDING? Apparently this nurse told her manager I was belittling her. Not true... And I really regret giving her a free pass.
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    Mom stop yelling at me is something I get from my kids. I never even had raised my voice. Yelling means the same thing as reprimanding, getting on one's case, or my personal favorite--you tell me your view firmer than I can tell you my view....and gosh darn it, you are right. (and you got the last word. Double darn it).
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    I get that from my wife sometimes. If I evens sound a little frustrated. Based on my Army experience, she has not seen true yelling.
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    If this is always women complaining, i would wonder about their history of emotional abuse?
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    My ex-FIL was a Marine and would often raise his voice even when not intending to. He'd also yell (yes, actually yell) at his own son and once threw coffee in his face. He screamed at me and called me disrespectful when I disagreed with his opinion about the price of a camcorder. You may not mean to, but the Marine in you may be coming out.

    Thank you for your service!!!!
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    If you feel the need to yell at me for not getting your dilaudee request, then I feel the need to stand there staring at you with arms crossed sternly telling you you're not going to get it. I'm not yelling, just being stern.
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    Someone said "perception is reality sometimes" above, but unfortunately for the subject person, perception is always the reality, even if it is a false one, to that person. I know what you mean, though- When I get firm on something, I always hear through the grapevine later that I was being an a**. No, I wasn't. I was making a point that you should be professional about and consider. Who knew? Most of my colleagues are great, but some just want to argue for the sake of arguing, and that gets old quick...

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