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Is anybody else extremely tired of being accused of "yelling" when actually, you're just being firm about a position? I have to laugh and shake my head because, if I wanted to yell, I could give a... Read More

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    Quote from jadelpn
    Mom stop yelling at me is something I get from my kids. I never even had raised my voice. Yelling means the same thing as reprimanding, getting on one's case, or my personal favorite--you tell me your view firmer than I can tell you my view....and gosh darn it, you are right. (and you got the last word. Double darn it).
    This is exactly what I thought of! My kids always accuse me of yelling when my voice has never been raised. They just don't like my firm tone, but that's not going to change. I'm not a yeller, never have been, but I have my share of "mom voices!"

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