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I'm new to the site and before opening this thread I browsed around to see if there were any topics open or even comments on male nurse hair styles. All of the current (to my knowledge) are just hair styles or tips for females... Read More

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    However, depending on how you grow your facial hair, it can raise eye brows or lead to questions.

    Perhaps I have had a blessed existence, I am bald with a goat that touches my chest, have exposed tats that I have never been asked to cover and have always been received well by patients, management and staff. Of course I couldn't cover my tats even if asked as my whole hand is covered. Folks often often don't recall my name on the patient surveys, they just talk about that nurse with the beard and tattoos, its always been a great conversation starter and something for folks to get more comfortable as opposed to less comfortable. Just saying.
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    If you were accepted into nursing school with that hair and it doesn't violate the dress code, then I don't see a problem with it.
    I'm just going to throw this out there though: Nursing has come a long way in the past several years and nursing has worked hard to get the respect and professional status that it has today. I personally like your hair (in the picture), but if your nursing program or future employer doesn't think it reflects a professional image, you may need to change it. I don't forsee that happening though.
    Good luck to you!
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    If back hair ever became an issue, I'd be up on charges.

    Just sayin' is all. Rawr.
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    I go with what could be called your basic military crew. No fuss, no muss - dries in a couple seconds!
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    During my nursing program I had mostly a buzz cut and had no complaints. During the winter, I let it grow out into a curly style which got pretty tall with no styling and still didn't get any complaints. I guess the main thing is if your hair style is out of he ordinary. If you stand out too much then that may be a bad thing.
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    4 years on the job.

    Short hair, long hair meh.

    Ive been rocking a beard for a while now.

    Mgmt did say something about my hair at one point. I personally just walked away due to reasons. If a pt complained then I would do something different or if my hair got in the way.
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    get a weave
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    I am all about someone being able to express themselves however they want. However, I will quote my preceptor from the fire department way back in the day: "If your serious about this job, shave that **** off your face". Point being, the nursing professional is very traditional. You will be judged by the way you look. If your serious about the field and don't want to be 'that edgy guy on 4 east' then cut your hair. If not, the world always needs some fist pumpers. lol