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Rbeck911 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Occupational Health / EMS.

I am an Occupational Health Nurse, proud father and husband, and avid motorcycle enthusiast. Also, a huge Indianapolis Colts Fan. I come from an emergency background. I am always seeking to develop both personally and professionally. Complacency and I do not mix well, and I strive to develop until the day I retire.

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  1. There is not really a school of occupational health. Occupational health is a nursing position that entails many extra certifications that you attend classes for. These can be:. COHN or COHN-S, NIOSH Spirometry, COHC, OSHA 30, CCM, etc. COHN-s is the mainstay of occupational health nursing.
  2. Rbeck911

    need advice on proposal

    Can you give a bit more information? What type of industry? Are you a nurse yourself? I would be happy to discuss this in more detail with you, as it is what I do for a living.
  3. Do you have to have a BSN to apply for these positions? No I read you need Get at least 3,000 hours of experience in occupational health to become certified. Many of the jobs I was looking at said you need to be certified. Where can I start to get the experience I need? It's hard to get into. You pretty much have to wait for an opening to pop up, BUT, with your knowledge of OSHA prior to your nursing school, that could be of great benefit in getting a spot. What type of skills or special training do you need for this job? Do you draw blood? Do you need critical care or case management experience? Case management is big, blood draws, spirometry, CPR instructor, hearing conservationist. What is the salary like? Is it comparable to working in a hospital? Do you have chance to go up the pay ladder? No, occ health (at least in my experience) is one of the highest paying fields in nursing. It's a specialty and takes a particular personality.
  4. Rbeck911

    Caption Contest

    Doctor: "What are you doing?" Nurse: "This is the only way I can make a value judgement."
  5. Rbeck911

    Random Drug Screens

    To each their own.
  6. Rbeck911

    How to start OCC Health program?

    Reach out to the clinic/hospital that you send your bad injuries to. They should be able to help you at a very negotiated rate.
  7. Rbeck911

    Employee Health Nurse duties

    I have only worked on site, and prefer it to hospital, but I deal closely with hospital Occ Health. They spend a lot of time case managing and scheduling. Depends on what your role will be though. Usually they have MA's doing most of the patient care and the RN sits in an office and does the paper side of things.
  8. Rbeck911

    How to start OCC Health program?

    Hi Sara, I would proceed with caution. Occ Health nursing is very different than an EHS specialist. A lot overlaps, but just be careful. That is not to say don't do it, but effective occ health nursing takes a lot of practice. It would be best if you could work in an existing clinic to learn from a mentor. Having said that, you cannot do anything without a medical director. That is the first step. Establishing your own program can be a daunting task, but also very fun as you build it from the ground up. Make sure you are up to speed on recordability, record keeping, occ health protocols, respiratory protection standards, etc. Good luck!
  9. Rbeck911

    Can I accomplish becoming an RN at 26?

    You eat an elephant one bite at a time. You can do it! I did!
  10. Rbeck911

    Sexy male scrubs

    You know what, I feel you bro. What's wrong with trying to look good in your scrubs?! The dudes say, "Their only for function" probably look like goofballs. Check out iguana scrubs. They are great and form fitting but don't come in tall sizes that I have found. If you are over 6 foot you may be out of luck as far as that goes. Next to that, UA basic scrubs are pretty form fitting around the bicep if you have big arms. That is always nice. Other than that, dickies, sketchers, and carhart.
  11. Rbeck911

    Got a job offer as a Safety Technician at a cannery

    As 42 Pines has said in the past, try not to appear too overzealous in this position when it comes to rescue. Certainly respond appropriately, but he is right to say that the EMS adrenaline junkie does not translate well to occupational health for whatever reason. It appears to freak people out a bit in the sense that you may offer more care than is needed, making it unnecessarily recordable. I also have made the transition from EMT to Occ Health Nurse. There is a learning curve, and I would say it takes a solid two years to become comfortable in such a role. Most of the time, it is general first aid. But once in a while, you get that horrible injury like you mentioned. Regarding PPE and people not listening to you. Make sure you are being assertive. And look up the definition of assertive, as most people thinks that it means to be a forceful jerk. Treat them with respect. Explain the purpose of the PPE. If that doesn't work, locate their supervisor. Supervisors often have safety metrics that they are responsible for. They don't like it when their employees risk their bonus over not wearing gloves. Good luck!
  12. Rbeck911

    Like a Boss

    Wink Wink, This way! pleeeease
  13. Rbeck911

    Don't like to clean pee & poop: Can I still be a nurse?

    2 words: Occupational Health
  14. Rbeck911

    Win $100! June 2015 Caption Contest

    Who made this anti gravity bird bath?
  15. Rbeck911

    Excelsior Exams

    Geesh, how many hours a day were you studying? 2 weeks seems pretty insane. I have read that some people pass all the exams using only the study guide and practice tests. Any thoughts on that?
  16. I just started also and picked up studygroup101's study guides. I bought the entire package for 100 dollars or so. I've had my nose in the first one for the last 3 hours and it seems very good. It is very long, but only the first 68 pages are content. The rest is practice questions, summaries, and book excerpts at the very end. I have read that some people have passed ever exam using only these guides. Gonna try it.

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