Is Being a Male nurse hard?

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    Is getting ahead in management or moving up the ladder hard to do for a male nurse?

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    Formally in Ghana,it was difficult for a male to rise to the top in nursing but now things have changed.

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    Not that I've seen.
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    Not as far as I know. I guess if you do your job and you do it good, promotions aren't that far off? Of course you have to be qualified as well.
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    Quote from thegreatone28
    Is getting ahead in management or moving up the ladder hard to do for a male nurse?
    Men seem to be well represented in nursing leadership positions where I work.
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    Being a nurse is hard, whether you stand to pee or sit.
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    One of the jobs where I work, The manager and assistant manager are both guys. At my other job my supervisor is a guy.

    I think as long as the old Brunhildas of nursing continue to retire, so too will their prejudices about men in nursing.
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    In some countries like the UK for example, it's a well documented phenomenon that men in nursing rise to senior positions in disproportionate numbers. Some of that is attributed to larger numbers of female nurses often having to downgrade when they return from maternity leave if they reduce to part time hours, careers being put "on hold" to raise families in a way that few men ever have to do.
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    I'm a CNA, so don't have any personal experience with this. I will say that I know a male RN at my work who just got promoted to a manager, not two months after he finished his orientation. He was fresh out of nursing school too.
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    It's easy. You have your work cut out for you just by having a penis. Men follow the money, so that's where they end up, because they got bills to pay. Women, who knows what they do.

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