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  1. Oh please, spare me your naivety. No spoony bard could spin such a sweeter tale...Tears then, for the world you see is beyond my weary sight. Your mind is already set on believing that the people I voted for must be in consensus with everyone else. How narrow minded of you. You forget that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. I'm guessing you never really paid attention to your history lessons back at school. Projection won't help your case either. I expected you would've learned that already since you trained at the NCMH. And since you never really addressed the problem, then you are part of the disease rather than the cure. It's as simple as that.
  2. It's a common misconception that you have to experience something before you can understand it. Second, there is a difference between "I never voted for the people in power at our government" vs. "I never voted at all". Your arrogance have lead to your failure in reading carefully. I did vote but I never voted for the ones who are in power right now. Your arguments are flawed and self contradictory. You claim to agree with the injustices committed to Filipino nurses in our country and yet you continue kiss the gluteus maximus of our corrupt system. I've had enough of dealing with pretentious snobs back when I studied in medical school. Please don't add to the mix. I understand that you like to see silver linings. I say it is only an illusion. As long as nurses are still treated as slaves in country, there will never be a happy ending to the greater whole. If you are truly sincere in your desire for change, then join us. We have banded along with several other organizations to have our voices heard and to demand the change long overdue in the Philippine Nursing Profession. Did you know that a Filipino Nurse, as stated by the Philippine Nursing Act of 2002, should be earning as much as Php25, 000? And yet, most of our colleagues earn way less than that, more so in private hospitals. If you are truly part of the cure rather than the disease, then be part of the struggle rather than passively waiting for things to change. Nothing ever happens in clinging on to mediocrity.
  3. If I was ever employed as a hospital staff nurse here in our country, I wouldn't be here talking about how I am still an unemployed registered nurse now, would I? And just because I was never employed as a public hospital nurse here in our country, doesn't mean I am ignorant to their sacrifices and nobility. If anything, I am quite aware of their plight. I have been to the Philippine General Hospital where I have directly observed the deplorable working conditions of doctors and fellow nurses there. I've spoken to colleagues telling me the same story you have. Heck, I even witnessed a fellow nurse crying from the Philippine Orthopedic Center as she had sacrificed her life serving indigent patients for 36 years at the said hospital and yet the government threatens her with unemployment as privatization of the hospital will result in greedy individuals and corporations terminating several nursing job positions for the sake of profit. They don't care about how many years you spent serving the Filipino people as a nurse. All they care about is money. And after they're done with the Philippine Orthopedic Center, hospitals like PGH will be next. The era of false volunteerism and "training" for a fee is not over. Only large public hospitals have ceased it. Those in the Local Government Units outside of NCR still practice it away from the prying eyes of the DOH and the media. Private hospitals in our country also continue the practice in excess in the form of "training". What's worse, the wages of nurses in private hospitals are much lower than that in public hospitals. Why just a week ago, I called a private hospital to apply for work. They ask me to pay for "Post Graduate Nursing Training" before they can consider the possibility of hiring me. You forget that you are lucky enough to be part of RN Heals which catered to only but a fraction of unemployed registered nurses. Thousand of us are still unemployed. Are you even aware that RN Heals is no more? Clearly you are ignorant on the current events of nursing here in the Philippines. Here you go: Nurses call for justice to save their ‘dying' condition « Bulatlat That happened just last October 17, 2014. Guess what? It's 2015 and I still can't feel the change you speak of. The "Ang Nars Partylist" you are so proud of? They haven't done anything. Did you know that the nursing coalition group I took part of had to ask the assistance of Bayan Muna representatives just so we could pitch in House Bills that are pro-nurses here in our country? So where is the "Ang Nars Partylist? Nowhere. Regarding election, I never voted for the people in power at our government so I doubt I have a role in our ailing system. For one thing, I refuse to be part of the disease by denying my participation to hospitals that require nurse volunteerism, including those in the guise of paid "training".
  4. I just wish more of my fellow nurses here in my country actually care about this and fight the grave injustice rather than be willing victims. More of them flock this website right now asking how to be slaves in the big hospitals of the Philippines.
  5. I'm not American. I'm a Filipino born and raised in the Philippines. I have never been to America and I am not eligible to work as a nurse there. I never intended to work outside of my country when I took up nursing. Now I just want to leave nursing and the medical profession altogether since it never really welcomed me in to begin with...
  6. Forgive my negativity and cynicism. I have been an unemployed registered nurse here in my country for far too long. I have passed my nursing licensure examination way back in 2009. It is already 2015 and I still cannot land a job in the nursing career. I am not getting any younger. Most of the hospitals I applied for still require volunteerism in the guise of "Post Graduate Nursing Training" which they charge for a fee before they can "promise" the consideration of hiring me. The only hospitals here in my country that no longer conduct this abhorring practice (as far as I can tell) are the ones directly under the supervision of the Department of Health. Which is like, only a few hospitals (10 hospitals to be exact). I am aware of the Alliance of Healthworkers here in my country. However, I am afraid they are on the losing side of the battle. I remember attending an intravenous therapy training seminar at a hospital here wherein a representative of the Association of Nursing Administrators in the Philippines (ANSAP) spoke in front of the participants that nurse volunteerism and nurse volunteerism in the guise of "Post Graduate Nursing Training" are illegitimate practices which we must not support. After her speech, the nursing director of the hospital that hosted us suddenly spoke up and promoted the "Post Graduate Nursing Training" his hospital is conducting. He commented that it is where they hire their new nursing staff if an opening suddenly pops up thus blatantly disregarding what was said by the ANSAP representative. Of course, the PGNT that the hospital nursing director is promoting isn't free. As I was sitting in the room taking in every detail of the awkward situation that just happened, I was asking myself: "What the hell?" On top of that, a lot of my colleagues who went with me in that seminar signed up to that "illegitimate" practice despite the warnings of the ANSAP official. Again, forgive me for my dark outlook on the situation. I feel like I wasted 4 years of my life studying BSN. All that effort and financial support my parents gave me for my studies seems like it is all for nothing. I feel so useless and have sunk very far deep into depression as of late.
  7. It is comforting that there are people like you who would speak in defense of my people. I do not negate the existence of the many fine Filipino nurses abroad. They are what I call jewels in the rough. You are lucky to have met quite a number of them as they are nobles among rabble. You can see how Nursing in the Philippines is a far cry to what you have there in America. While the idea of new RN graduates paying an outside company for orientation seems like a travesty already back there in the US, most new RN graduates here in the Philippines would actually fall in line to pay just to be a slaves in a local hospital. Just look at most of the threads here in Nursing in the Philippines Section of this website: https://allnurses.com/nursing-in-the/ Most of them are about Filipino nurses asking for admission to slavery and paying for slavery.
  8. That is exactly the kind of apologetic reasoning that keeps our country in the mud. Why is it there are nurses in public hospitals who have to shell the expenses from their own meager income in order to better serve indigent patients? Is it not our government's duty to our people to provide for these things? Where is the financial budget allocated by the local and national government for this? In the deep pockets of our corrupt government officials? Why is it that board certified and licensed nurses in our country have to pay hospitals just to be slaves and give the said institutions free labor at our expense? Don't you even find it odd that at the first sign of opportunity to leave the country, most professional nurses in our country take it? Why is it when it was declared that nurse volunteerism is illegal, such practices are still widespread and flourishing? This is exactly the kind of cancer Jose Rizal is talking about our wretched country infecting all sectors and institutions of the Filipino people; That it's okay to be damn slaves and meek sheep. The worst part of it is that the people do nothing about it. Just look at most of our nurses here in the Philippines, they are practically begging corrupt hospital institutions to be its slaves. They want it, and they yearn for it. And when they leave our country, they bring this disgusting nature with them for all the people of the world to see. Pinoy pride.
  9. Sadly, you are right. I feel that my country has produced nurses who are woefully unprepared for global competency. All I see is corruption and exploitation of the weak. Most nurses here are damn sheeps who allow filth and decay to soil the name of the nursing profession in the Philippines. I took up nursing to help people. But now I see that being a nurse here in my country only feeds to the corruption and injustice of our broken healthcare system. They exploit the nurses through extortion but does not add to the improvement of patient care. The nurses here know that it is wrong and yet they allow this wretched practice to continue and flourish. My disgust have come to a point wherein I feel that my nursing degree here in my country is useless and that I should abandon nursing and pursue a different career.
  10. Since the old thread about this was closed, I'd like to make a new one about it so that we can address it as it is still very rampant in my country, the Philippines: Department of Health Secretary Enrique T. ONA, issued memorandum 2011-0238 mandating to terminate all "Nurse Volunteer Programs", "Volunteer Training Programs for Nurses" and all similar or related programs, in all DOH-retained hospitals in the Philippines. "The current practice of registered nurses "volunteering" in hospitals to gain 'work experience' and/or to obtain a certificate of work experience and for purposes of meeting requirements for employment abroad, is not consistent with the provisions of this law (Republic Act 9418: Volunteer Act of 2007)." In addition, many hospitals have implemented "nurse volunteerism" in the guise of "training programs" in order to justify the collection of "training fees", whereby such basic skills training put no added value to the professional career of the nurses. Therefore, all DOH hospitals are hereby directed to discontinue all existing programs involving nurses who deliver free services in exchange for work experience/volunteer nurses, volunteer trainings, and all other similar programs. All hospitals-based trainings for nurses should follow a definite career progression to be defined and accredited by the DOH and Professional Regulatory Commision-Board of Nursing. from: http://nurseslabs.com/news/no-more-n...teer-programs/ Original Thread here: https://allnurses.com/international-nursing/no-more-nurse-617323.html On paper, it stated that this kind of treatment to professional nurses here in my country is illegal. And yet, why is it that this practice is still being conducted? It was 2011 when this memorandum was passed. It is now 2015 and this practice has still not been abolished.
  11. Pacs, RN

    "what male nurses do" poster

    Heheheheh. Nice! This poster made my day.
  12. Pacs, RN

    Doc Wannabe?

    Oh, there are. And I think nursing is one of the best premedical course if one wants to pursue medicine because you'll have more clinical knowledge and expertise compared to your non-nursing classmates here in med school.
  13. Pacs, RN

    Ben Stiller as Gaylord Fokker

    In the third movie, Little Fockers, I think Gaylord Focker was now portrayed as a hospital administrator and that he retains his nursing origins.
  14. Pacs, RN

    Who Cares About Nurse Theorists?

    That is a doctor's way of thinking, not a nurse's. We must not forget that a nurse's job and function are the three P's: 1.) Promotion of health 2.) Prevention of illness 3.) Palliative care The curative function belongs to the realm of the physicians. As nurses, we are here to care, not cure. As for the nursing theories, I appreciate these ideas formulated by the pioneering nurses. For if not for them, nursing will not be a respected and precise science. You may not realize it, but many of the theories being taught in nursing are applied in hospitals. You may even be applying those theories as you care for our patients right now. So please, give due respect to the nurse theorists and their ideas, for they are the ones who laid the foundation of our profession.