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  1. Alright guys I'm thinking about attending nursing school and girls tell me all the time that they love what they do but I want to know from a mans perspective on how you like your jobs. Also are you doing it more for the money.
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  3. by   OldDude
    After 15 years of industrial construction I got into nursing because it was the biggest bang for the educational buck...and nurses work indoors.
  4. by   nightbrightener
    Yes I like my job, yes i like the money (but want more). 9+ years as an RN, all in the ED. Tough, rewarding, fair amount of autonomy, flexible schedule, fun coworkers, sounds like a win to me. it can be emotionally draining and you need to be able to compartmentalize without shutting down emotionally, it can be a challenge. But I don't regret it and would strongly suggest it if you like working with your hands, interacting with people, can handle chaos and a fast pace, give it a shot. Having said that saying nursing is like saying cooking. It means nothing without detail, line cook at Denny's vs chef at a high end bistro, different worlds, coworkers, pay etc. Same thing with nursing, ED tends to attract one type, Hospice another, OR another, once you get a feel for what you like to do every day there is probably a nursing specialty that fits it. I do feel the market is getting more saturated in certain area's but it is always cyclical.
  5. by   Joseph, BSN, RN
    I went into nursing because one of my family members suffered from an illness. Seeing his sufferings makes me want to join the health care field so that I can alleviate some pains for the patients.

    I have been working as an RN for two years. I love what I do for the patients every day. I am very excited to go to work each day because I know that I will make an impact on my patients. My greatest joy is to see my patients getting well or being discharged and going home with family.

    I will start school again next year to get an MSN degree - FNP route because I want to do more for my patients. And the FNP's hours are also better to start a family (I am old and mature enough to get married now in my opinion).

    Some pros about nursing are good salary, a meaningful jobs, and many career paths. Some cons are high level of stress, great responsibility, and not easy to find jobs in hospital in some saturated areas in the country.
  6. by   nurse2033
    I love taking care of people. Being a parent taught me that men are just as caring as compassionate as women, just in their own way. To me nursing is the same. Regardless of sex, we all have our own perspective and paradigm of caring, which is the core of nursing.
  7. by   akulahawkRN
    I really enjoy what I do. Of course there are aspects of the job that I don't like (such as when the patient has diarrhea, doesn't tell you and you discover them in a pool...) but for the most part, I really do enjoy the job. I get to work with my hands, I get to use my brain, I have a reasonable amount of autonomy, I have options should I change fields, the money is not too shabby, and I have a great schedule. Currently I work in the ED. There are quite a few men in the ED where I work. Some other fields have far fewer men but those fields that don't have a lot of men in them, I'm not drawn to them anyway, so that part doesn't matter much to me. If you like who you work with and where you work, and you have fun at it, keep doing it!
  8. by   Davey Do
    Quote from Kendrick2
    Alright guys I want to know from a mans perspective on how you like your jobs.
    I like my job very much, thank you.
    Quote from Kendrick2
    are you doing it more for the money.
    Yes. If I didn't have to work, all I would do is Art and ride my bicycle.
  9. by   barcode120x
    Doin it cuz I like the job as a whole, I like helping people, I like the pay, I like the job security, I like the hours, I like the girls, I like my team. No specific order in my likes.
  10. by   GrumpyRN
    Worked in building industry and factories before I became a nurse.

    Always said I would do it until I found a better job. Recently retired after 35 years and have not found a better job yet.

    Great fun especially if you get the right colleagues.

    Can't comment on money in US as I am in the UK but we all work for the money. I have manged to bring up a family and now have a decent pension.
    Can honestly say that world wide nurses are underpaid for what they do, but it is universal.

    Go for it.
  11. by   Farawyn
    Quote from Davey Do
    I like my job very much, thank you.

    Yes. If I didn't have to work, all I would do is Art and ride my bicycle.
    Who are you kidding? You're in it for the chicks, man.
  12. by   Davey Do
    Quote from Farawyn
    Who are you kidding? You're in it for the chicks, man.
    Um... I think you mean "checks," m'am!
  13. by   OldDude
    Quote from Davey Do
    Um... I think you mean "checks," m'am!
    If you have the checks, you get the chicks.