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Black Coffee has 3 years experience as a RN and specializes in Critical care.

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  1. FNP Programs

    Hi beeker, The program is $385 per credit hour with a total of 44 credits. Black Coffee, RN
  2. FNP Programs

    Columbus State University in Georgia is a great brick and mortar school that offers online FNP program. The tuition is very affordable with no campus visit. They are accepting applicants for Spring and Fall 2021.
  3. BON - Pending Case Review?

  4. CSU Bakersfield - MSN/FNP program

    Hi all, I just want to start a thread for anyone who applies to CSU Bakersfield, MSN-FNP program. The deadline to apply through CSU Apply is Feb 1, and the deadline for Nursing CAS is March 22 (if I am not wrong). What are you guys' stats?
  5. Gave up DNP

    I am a BS, BSN, RN right now. I am really interested in getting an FNP certificate at first with a concentration in biochemistry and molecular biology also/and a minor in Psychology. I got my BSN, RN after finishing school at UCD, a great school name...
  6. Clinical Instructor sucks...

    It is unfortunate to have a clinical instructor like that. I remembered all my clinical instructors in school were very skilled at their teaching job because they are all experienced nurses with at least five year nursing experiences. I was lucky tha...
  7. Ready for the Weekend!

    It is great that everybody supported you. I am enjoying a glass of wine with four days off after my last twelve-hours-shift work too!
  8. Hi everyone, I am in my second semester of a MSN-FNP program. I always want to become a Nurse Practitioner and get an advance degree. One of the main reason for me to pursue NP is due to much better schedule and hours so that I can start a family. Ho...
  9. Losing hope....

    Don't give it up too soon if nursing is truly your passion. You might have test anxiety like others said. My advice is to find out what went wrong when taking test. Maybe you can talk with a learning specialist to find out. Good luck with trying out...
  10. Lpn to RN fast track

    I am so sorry that you had to jump many hoops. Life is hard in that way. Sometime in order to get something valuable (I am sure the title RN does), we have to sacrifice and suffer for it. To my understanding, why don't you repeat the failed class at ...
  11. Just got accepted......Now the nerves!!!

    Congratulations for being accepted to your nursing program. The next couples of years will be hard, but you CAN definitely do it. It will not be easy, but with commitment and determination, you will be successful. I am also working full-time and stud...
  12. FNP

    Whether to pursue FNP or ACNP depends on which settings you want to practice as an NP. If you like primary care setting doing a lot of patient teaching and managing chronic conditions as well as treating not acute conditions, FNP is the way for you. ...
  13. The first thing we learn was how to measure blood pressure manually.
  14. In my understanding, per-diem nurses usually make somewhat 15-20% more than full-time nurses due to no benefits. I hope this help.
  15. Preceptors for FNP needed - Please help

    Hi all, I am in my first semester of MSN-FNP program. I know that this is still early. However, I want to ask if any FNP out there are willing to train me for next summer semester 2019 in the Bay Area, CA. I need 610 hours of clinical hours for pedia...