Should I quit FNP program for a Case Manager job?

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Hi everyone,

I am in my second semester of a MSN-FNP program. I always want to become a Nurse Practitioner and get an advance degree. One of the main reason for me to pursue NP is due to much better schedule and hours so that I can start a family.

However, I have been just offered a job as a Case Manager for a hospital. The job is Monday to Friday with no weekend and no holiday. The pay is decent and is almost as equal as NP's salary in my area. The job is mostly dealt with managing patients' conditions staying in skilled nursing facilities.

Should I accept this job and quit the nurse practitioner program since the pay of the job is already almost the same with the NP salary?

Thanks in advance for all your replies.

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It really depends on whether you want to become a provider and you have the desire to further your intellectual pursuit in the medical area. If you want to become an NP almost solely because of better schedules and pay and this case management job can provide you that, I don't see why you would want to continue with the NP program.

Yes. You obviously don't care to be an NP one way or the other as long as you have a job with the right hours. So I absolutely recommend taking the case management job.

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You should become an NP because you want to be a provider. If salary & schedule are what you're looking for, take the case management position.

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