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  1. 24 Ladies and Gentlemen, BlackMurse1 is an official RN.

    Got my results today from Pearson, I passed at 75 questions......

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    Wooooohooo congrats!!! (ps: the word "murse" cracks me up! Love it)
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    congratulations!!!...as i wish you the very best on all of your future endeavors...aloha~
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    CONGRATS!!! I'm graduting next month and starting to feel nervous about the upcoming NCLEX exam. Do you have any suggestions to help succeed at this test?
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    Hell yeah!
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    Congrats! I'm sure you feel very proud and relieved (I know that's how I felt, haha).

    Best of luck in everything you do!!
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    wow congratulations .
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    What up dude! Way to go.
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    Congrats!! Party time!
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    Congrats !!!!
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    Brooklyn represent.