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  1. First month off orientation...reflections..

    crying...oh, you're right. there are definitely days i feel like crying. i go to the med room and fight it off. sometimes i hope to cry when i get home because i think it might feel good, but i can't. it's not even that anything terrible has happened...
  2. First month off orientation...reflections..

    Thank you! Good ideas. I have found myself going back to my old Med-surg books from school, too. They seem to make more sense all of the sudden.
  3. First month off orientation...reflections..

    You're right! I swear, I have the hardest time remembering the simplest tasks some days. Those who tell you that, once you've made a mistake once, you'll never make it again are right. Every time I find out I did something wrong it ends up on a subco...
  4. I'm sure that, since I know so many who were hired around the same time I was, there are a lot of new grads out there who are about a month off of orientation. I'd love to hear about your overall impression! Sharing makes me feel better. So far...it'...
  5. Any advice for a new RN?

    I'm a new grad, too, almost out of orientation. I'm a basket case. My coworkers have been wonderful, though, and have assured me that I will be fine - they're looking out for me. So...this is the advice I've been given by other nurses: Accept that it...
  6. Sitters: A Thing of the Past?

    I think I have seen a physical restraint one time and a chemical restraint one time - both in nursing school. Restraints require a lot of charting and the physicians need to review/renew the order often so they are a hassle. I've seen LOTS of sitters...
  7. Have you had other interviews???

    I interviewed at two large hospital systems. It was hard because I had a lot of experience at the first institution, and was not hired there so I had to field the "why aren't you working for XX?" question at the second. I answered honestly because I ...
  8. Starting Salary [new grad]?

    Community hospital - med surg, mid-sized midwestern city, $23/hr.
  9. Plain old notebook paper and pens. I can never remember things if I type them, I've always had to write them out. I tried printing power points and the things the other students did, but...in the end I guess I'm just old fashioned! :icon_roll I reall...
  10. Shoes

    Thanks! I missed that forum.
  11. Shoes

    Thank you, both! I am looking at them right now and I like that I can get a smooth, simple shoe. I like to be able to at least wipe my shoes off with clorox wipes, and I can see the Dankos doesn't have many places for bacteria to hide. :) I also like...
  12. Shoes

    I have a topic that will have everyone flaming each other in short order. Shoes. I'm a few weeks into my first nursing job. I've spent much of it (as everyone does) on my feet and those dogs are howling! My old shoes from nursing schools are kind of ...
  13. Thanks for all the additional tips! I will be open to criticism, ask for help, and watch for organizational tips. It's still...a bit daunting. I suppose it would be foolish of me to be not at all nervous, though. I look forward to feeling fully profi...
  14. I'm so glad you asked this! I have the same anxiety as a new grad! I started my hospital's in class week and we took assessments to guide our orientation period. (I was told it will be 10 weeks or longer, depending on what I need. My NM seems wonderf...
  15. I PASSED

    Congratulations!! :yelclap: