Have you ever been mistaken for a doctor? Have you ever been mistaken for a doctor? | allnurses

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Have you ever been mistaken for a doctor?

  1. 0 So, I have heard some stories of female doctors being mistaken for nurses...so I was wondering this: have you, as a male nurse, been mistaken for a doctor?
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    All the time. Most think i am a med student, because i'm younger looking.
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    I've been asked many times if I'm the doctor, but no one has batted an eye when I've informed them I'm the RN...
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    They call me doc although my ID clearly says "Staff Nurse", I always have to remind them to address me as nurse or by my first name.
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    All the time. I don't know when the last time an MD was seen in the hospital in white pants, white scrub top, and white shoes. Dr. Kildare maybe?
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    all the time.
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    It hhas happened all through my career and continues to this day. Often less educated or illiterate people tend to assume that you are the doctor if you are male, and working in a hospital environment and wearing scrubs.
    I always correct them and state my name and that I am their nurse.
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    I been working in a five star hotel in riyadh,colleagues or staffs usually address me as doctor, since i worked full time and on call for 24/7. i feel concious sometimes, however' they like calling me lby that name, and im used to it.
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    All the time. Half the hospital staff that have known me for 10 years think I'm a freaking Dr. Its kind of annoying and funny all together.
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    Quote from donsterRN
    I've been asked many times if I'm the doctor, but no one has batted an eye when I've informed them I'm the RN...

    Yes, this.
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    I get called doctor occassionally. I always correct them, but some persist. The aides get promoted to nurse, too, so I'll get, "Doctor, could you have the nurse bring me some fresh water?"

    I was with a pt one night when our only female neurosurgeon came in, in business casual and a white coat. The pt called me doctor and her nurse. I explained, but I don't think the pt ever did understand. In fairness, she has been known to help pts. to the bathroom or bring them a blanket.
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    A few months ago when I was in precepting, the manager of the unit stopped me in the afternoon one day when my preceptor was talking to me and said "You're a student nurse? This whole time I've been thinking you're one of the new podiatrists." She said it was because I had a white coat on and I'm younger.
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    Why, yes.... yes I have, ........but not as often as I've been called "Miss" or Ma'am" ..... LOL .... or, "Oh, you're a MALE nurse..." Well, yeah, I'm a nurse, and I'm a male, so, yeah ...