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OK, so as you might have gathered I am almost done with school. I am in my last semester of my ADN program and I am feeling VERY relieved, but a little scared to actually get out there and work as... Read More

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    Go for it -- why not? I had a male pediatrics instructor (clinical) in nursing school nearly 30 years ago who had been working in peds for years.
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    Go for it. I mostly work in NICU, but I have spent a lot of time in nursery, peds, and even school nursing.
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    Peds is like my dream job. I say go for whatever makes you happy.
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    Go for it! Part of the beauty of nursing is being able to find your niche and roll with it. Years ago, my son was a patient at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. The entire nursing staff was amazing, but the nurses who stood out above the others were guys.
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    I've been working in a peds cvicu and very rarely run into issues. Besides a few of the older girls preferring female nurses for bathroom tasks (understandable), I've had a lot of positive feedback from families and it's great experience if you want kids someday.
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    Do it! I've always loved kids and wanted to work Peds. never had a chance during school. Once I graduated, I applied and got right into PICU. I think it's a great experience. Scary, but challenging and fulfilling.

    Good Luck to you with whatever you decide to specialize in!
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    Strings85, being a guy, when working with school aged and teens which have you worked with more? Boys or girls?
    Thank you
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    Go where your heart takes you! I work with a few male nurses and they are part of a good team. It is a general rule that the male RNs are not generally assigned to girls older than babies who require help with peri care or diaper changes if they are "with it" at all and might feel awkward or embarrassed about it.
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    You should pursue any area that you wish.
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    The only way to know if peds is right for you is to go for it. Gender doesn't factor into it.
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