Guys in Peds?? - page 2

by seanynjboy

OK, so as you might have gathered I am almost done with school. I am in my last semester of my ADN program and I am feeling VERY relieved, but a little scared to actually get out there and work as an RN. Everyone asks me... Read More

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    Go for it -- why not? I had a male pediatrics instructor (clinical) in nursing school nearly 30 years ago who had been working in peds for years.
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    Go for it. I mostly work in NICU, but I have spent a lot of time in nursery, peds, and even school nursing.
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    Peds is like my dream job. I say go for whatever makes you happy.
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    Go for it! Part of the beauty of nursing is being able to find your niche and roll with it. Years ago, my son was a patient at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. The entire nursing staff was amazing, but the nurses who stood out above the others were guys.
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    I've been working in a peds cvicu and very rarely run into issues. Besides a few of the older girls preferring female nurses for bathroom tasks (understandable), I've had a lot of positive feedback from families and it's great experience if you want kids someday.
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    Do it! I've always loved kids and wanted to work Peds. never had a chance during school. Once I graduated, I applied and got right into PICU. I think it's a great experience. Scary, but challenging and fulfilling.

    Good Luck to you with whatever you decide to specialize in!