Fun answers you can use for the dumb questions we get...

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    Q. "Are you gay?"
    A. "Are you interested?"

    Q. "Why didn't you go to med school?"
    A. "I couldn't find enough cans on the side of the road to pay the application fee."

    Q. "Why did you become a male nurse?"
    A. "I couldn't afford the sex change."

    Q. "Lot's of (insert derogatory word here) here, so how many do you hook up with?"
    A. "You just asked me if I was gay..." OR "None, I want to live."

    Q. "What do your family/friends/SO think of you being a nurse?"
    A. "What do yours think of you being a dumba**?"

    Q. "How much do you make? Do you make more than the women?"
    A. "Just enough to pay my student loans. And I hope not, I want to live."

    Q. "So how much drama do you have to put up with?"
    A. "I stay away as much as I can. I want to live."

    Q. "Doesn't it suck having to be a human forklift?"
    A. "I save money from not needing a gym." OR "I get to make cool 'beep' sounds when I back up."

    Q. "I can't stand blood/urine/puke/mucus how do you do it?"
    A. "Are you kidding me, I love to fingerpaint!"

    Q. "What about the smells?"
    A. "Dude, you don't use deodorant, did you really just ask me that?"

    I am sure I can think up others, but feel free to add...

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    Doh! I just realized I put this in the wrong forum...oops. Was meant for general male nursing.
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    No worries, it gave me the lolz!
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    Q Why did you become a male nurse?
    A I couldn't qualify to become a female nurse.

    Q What's it like being a male nurse?
    A It's just like being a female nurse, except as a man.

    Q Why do you do a woman's job?
    A If a man is doing a job, its a man's job.
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    Actually, this has been such a non-issue for me, I'm shocked when the "you're a MALE nurse??" type questions come up. Funny post, though.
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    I'm a female pre nursing student and I think it's so dumb of anyone to ask a man why is he a nurse? As a PCA I would see my male nursing employees being asked that. I would just look at the patient like you really just asked that stupid question? Idiot!!

    Guys keep up the good work. A nurse can be male or female in my book. :kiss
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    "I get to make a cool 'beep' sound when I back up" is one I'm definitely going to use!
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    Quote from tenjuna
    Doh! I just realized I put this in the wrong forum...oops. Was meant for general male nursing.
    Moved to the Men In Nursing forum.
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    "Why did you become a male nurse?"
    Well, I tried out for the female nurse slot but I didn't pass the physical.

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