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  • Jun 3 '12

    im also graduated BSN 3 years ago from philippines. after my graduation I went here in US. It takes me a year to process my papers to become eligible to NCLEX then on April 2011 I passed it!Its been a year since i passed i still no job as a nurse. currently i was working as medication technician for a year now. Although i have some several interviews in the past, more employer now requires nursing experience plus the fact im newly graduate when i came here plus foreign graduate. I know the job market now nurses are quite tough because of recession and etc.., too much nurses no job!!! but still i wont give up!!.Wish you luck!!!Hoping you pass the interview and land that hospital job!i recommend you read book by kaplan "your career in nursing" 5th ed by annette t vallano. the book offers practical tips in making good resume, answering questions in interview etc. you can borrow it in library if you want.GOD BLESS you!

  • Jun 3 '12

    I just completed an interview on Wednesday. Some of the questions I got were:

    Why would your previous coworkers be sad to see you go?
    Why would they be glad to see you go? (Weird one!)
    Why should we choose you over the hundreds of other new grad applicants?
    Who is your favorite superhero and why? (Strange, huh?)
    What has been your most difficult patient?
    Give me an example of a patient you had to monitor frequently due to changing patient condition?

    I was interviewing for a Med/Tele position, not specifically a new grad position, but I am a new grad.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

  • Jan 11 '12

    Congratulations new RN! The job market here (CO) is horrible for all nurses but particularly for new grads or non-hospital experienced. Don't know about where you are but what I do know about your situation is that you have a huge amount of tenacity and courage. You won't give up and you are willing to work hard. Don't sell yourself short; I believe you will get a nursing job and eventually you will progress to whatever job you desire.