What's the best site to get my ceu hours?


I have to renew my license this year and i am wondering what's the best site to get my ceu hours... Is there a video that i can watch instead of reading an article?


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Hi! My hubby and I get ours through Medscape.com - they are all free there, and a lot of them are videos instead of articles.

I also use WildIris.com also.

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ENA has quite a few videos, free to ENA members

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I also use Medscape. I don't like the video ones though, the videos are long.


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Oh ok i will all check the sites that you guys recommended thank you ;)


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nurse.com also has a lot of free ones

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I'm glad to see Medscape qualifies. As a student, I do their CMEs for fun and practice and I was hoping they would be a good resource for when the continuing education hours become necessary.