PICC Line with TPN going, How to give Benadryl IV?

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    How to give Benadryl IV if pt have going TPN in a PICC?

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    I've always stopped the TPN and started the medication. Once the medication has completely infused, I'll restart the TPN.
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    I was taught never to infuse anything in a TPN line. We always had a separate line for anything else.
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    Does this PICC only have one lumen?? I have paused the TPN,flushed, gave med,flushed again, then restarted the TPN. If the pt is getting a lot of IVP meds or piggy backs, I would start a new line.
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    TPN should always be a dedicated lumen. So if you only have a SL (single lumen) you should not be administering anything else in that lumen. If you have a dual lumen or a triple lumen PICC then you can use one of the other lumen(s) and leave the TPN or TPN and lipids (whatever the case) infusing.

    If this is a SL the best course of action is to start a PIV. Then if you need a multi-lumen PICC you can address that as well.
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    If there is only a single lumen picc I pause the ton do 2-3 flushes, the med(s) and then 2-3 more flushes. If there are lipids running I do not put anything in the line without checking with our pharmacists. Hope this helps!!!
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    If it's only one lumen, like a port, and you need to give multiple meds throughout the day, there's nothing wrong with starting a PIV.
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    Start a peripheral line. I personally don't see the point of having a single lumen "power PICC"...AT LEAST make it a double lumen.
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    We generally have the PICC (if single lumen) dedicated to the TPN and a peripheral line for medications. Ideally a multi-lumen PICC is the best-case scenario. In absence of same, a peripheral site is the best choice.

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