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  1. Have them taped, then everyone can hear them when they can. Maybe the educator can do this.
  2. retiredlady

    Are student loans haunting you?

    Be sure to tell your co-signers that if you can't pay for the student loans that they will have to pay them for you. The best advise is DON'T co sign anybodies student loan! unless YOU have lots of money.
  3. retiredlady

    Depression with psychosis student

    You need to ask yourself, if you handle stress very well. Nursing school is very stressful and being a neonatal nurse can be extremely stressful with life and death decisions of tiny babies and stressed out parents. ( I know this, because I have done it) Just something you need to think about. I don't want to discourage you, but you have to think of everything before you go through all that schooling I would suggest first being a CNA. I did this and you learn a lot and are better prepared. Or maybe volunteer in the newborn nursery and observe what goes on. Good luck to whatever you decide.
  4. retiredlady

    Lantus - Does it matter evening or night?

    Lantus can also be given in 2 doses, 12 hours apart. So you can do it am and pm. One of my relatives does this and is better for them.
  5. retiredlady

    PICC Line with TPN going, How to give Benadryl IV?

    I was taught never to infuse anything in a TPN line. We always had a separate line for anything else.
  6. retiredlady

    If I hate being a Cna, should I stop pursuing Nursing?

    How about being a surgical tech in the OR? They are right at the surgical area and don't deal directly with patients. I think it is a not too long course. I too, after a while did not like being a CNA and did not like Med-Surg, but loved OB
  7. retiredlady

    Should I take AP2 and Micro together?

    I did that many years ago, very hard with both. I would separate them and take one at a time, esp. with a family. Lots of studying.
  8. Good luck finding a job with a psychology degree. I know too many that did and they can't find jobs. You need a masters degree to get anything even with being a social worker and be working on a doc. degree. BE sure to see how much they make. I would look at what occupations that are really hiring now (maybe not even nursing) and do something with that. I only say this because when I was in college, teaching was the way to go and I really looked at it and thought, I want a job when I get out and I changed after my 2nd year in college ( my mother all most fainted,lol) and I was glad I did. All my friends could not find teaching jobs and when they did they worked at substitutes. I know it's hard, but just think about it.
  9. This happened a few months ago and they are just now complaining? Don't they have anything better to do? Tell the boss that you will apologize and that you won't do it any more and continue on. If I was the boss, I would not be bothered unless the patient or the visitors heard it and it was just a once in great while thing that you did and not a daily thing.
  10. retiredlady

    Need MORE help with a decision! :-)

    I say go with him. Put him first and enjoy your time over there. Nursing can wait. You might not be over there long. Find some other job for a while. Marriages need to come first I believe.
  11. retiredlady

    Advance my career or make my family happy?

    I think that you should put your family first and not yourself at this point in your life and take the telemetry job. Remember, i think others come first then yourself. Just my 2 cents. You can always do it later.
  12. retiredlady

    wise nurses, desperately need some insight

    Take the insurance job and have holidays and weekends with your child. You don't have to rotate., more money, you might be able to get better childcare at those times. I think that you can be held accountable ( being a RN) in the aide role because you have that knowledge of an RN. Sometimes us mothers don't get to work where or certain times that we want when we take care of our children.
  13. retiredlady

    What happens to your PTO

    Be sure to give your 2 week notice or they might not pay you. I got a nice lump sum.
  14. retiredlady

    am I crazy to even think about this?

    I went back to a job (after a year) that I quit that I loved when I moved 2 hours away and it just was not the same. They had hired new people and they (the new people) kept explaining how things worked and I was there for 15 years!! The older ones had to keep explaining that fact. I think I lasted about 4 months and it wasn't worth the drive or working with them again
  15. retiredlady

    licensed in 2 states.. pls help

    Put your VT license on inactive status ( you don't have to pay for license nor do CEU's either until you activate it again) and keep your PA one. That's what I did with 2 states, that way you can go back to the VT one if you want too in the future and not have to reapply.
  16. retiredlady


    Depends on the hospital. Our NICU always attended with the pediatrician.