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  1. retiredlady

    you are diabetic and no you cant use hair iron curler

    Instead of using a curling iron, suggest to her that she uses a blow brush. That's what I use, I hate curling irons because I do burn myself.
  2. retiredlady

    Just a small vent...thanks for listening.

    You made me tired!!!! Enjoy your day off.
  3. retiredlady

    Need some advise....PLEASE!!

    I would say stay where you are. The grass is not always greener on the other side and it sounds like you have a job that does not have that much stress. LTC is Stress and you won't see your family. Who is going to keep an eye on your 15 year after school? They can get into trouble. Just my 2 cents. I raised boys.
  4. Forget it, you did fine. You can't work when you are so nauseated that you can't think, that's when you will make mistakes. I say if they don't believe you, throw up in front of them and they will then, lol. That might be the only way, just make it look like you couldn't get to the bathroom in time. You are probably in LTC, but in the hospital, we were sent to the hospital nurse or ER at eves and nights and they would say go home. No, it won't go to the BON. You told the supervisor and reported off. No abandonment. Co-workers are making you feel guilty (they had to work a little harder) , if it were them they would do the same thing (probably with more whining, lol)
  5. retiredlady

    You know the untouched left over food items on pt trays>

    Now, just think about it. Would you want something that another patient has had in their room? yuk!!!!!! I bet the poor people would not either!!!! If we knew a patient would not eat or drink it, we would take it off and put it in our refrig before it went in the patients room.
  6. retiredlady

    Any Suggestions On How To Be More Diplomatic

    From an "old IV nurse" 1. Don't say "I'm a hard stick", before the nurse looks. (Makes them nervous) 2. Insist on warm wet towels 15 min before. 3. Try to hang your arm down, helps to "pop" the veins up. 4. If you see the nurse is having trouble with the first stick, insist on someone else looking. Alot of times if they can't get it on the first, they will have trouble on the second. 5. It's even all right to have the most experienced IV nurse to look, (the other nurses will sometimes be relieved, lol ) Good Luck!!! (My husband has the same trouble)
  7. retiredlady

    Do you bag your bodies naked?

    Gee, if it's me, I want a gown, even though in a body bag. I'm modest in life and in death, lol. And no embalming. Just my feelings :)
  8. retiredlady

    Advice Please Help

    Just a thought. One child, then all the sudden 3 children. IT is ALOT different when you have 3 children. Alot more work, tiredness from getting up nights. I think I would just go to school part time. That way you won't be so tired and also your family who has to babysit. You would have time for your family who will need you. I babysat twins and they were babies and it was work. Good luck in whatever you do !
  9. retiredlady


    Seroma, thanks alot. I had a mental block.
  10. retiredlady


    What is called when there is a cyst on the surgical site? I forgot the word. Hema something. Does anyone know? Thanks for all replies.
  11. retiredlady

    Gift ideas for my stepfather, the soon-to-be LPN

    A pocket sized drug reference book (Barnes and Noble), nice pens, scissors, hemostats, lab coat.
  12. retiredlady

    So... how do you deflect family members when you're busy?

    I know that most patients have a white board in their room. Why can't you just write on the board, If you need anything, put your call light on for faster service! or a sign in the room and see if that helps. Just a thought, being on both sides. (I know it won't for the older crowd that can't see)
  13. retiredlady

    Becoming a nurse with being bipolar

    How do you handle stress? It's a very stressful occupation.
  14. I agree, wear nice clothes, nothing too tight or too low. No long fingernails and too much makeup, nice shoes, no flip flops.
  15. retiredlady

    Q for nurses in Hospital L&D

    March is a beautiful time to have a baby. Had mine in March. Yes, you can nurse up until the time you leave for a tubal and right after. (C/S moms do right after). I nursed right after the tubal and my baby had just been circumcised, we comforted each other, lol.(This was many years ago,so I know they will now) Relax and just let the nurses know what you want when you go in. OB nurses are very understanding. How old is your first baby? A lot of the hospitals have sibling classes to teach them about the new baby. It's a lot of fun. Good luck!