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Ok. I just completed my first day on the floor. I feel horrible, there was no structure to the day, I was just thrown out there to care for five patients with my preceptor. I know my organizational skills are severely lacking... Read More

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    Here's my brain sheet: enough room for a patient sticker in the top left, and it's for night shift on a primarily surgical floor. I personally like open, yet organized space to jot down information. I take initial report in black ink, and then I'll pick a color and jot my own findings for the day in that color. After that, if I'm working three days in a row, I'll use a different color for each day so that I know what's new with that patient. Best of luck, your system will come to you (and improve!) with time.
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    Thank you so much everyone, I appreciate. It
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    Heyy i am a student of medi surg can u plj help me out
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    I have been on a med surg-floor for just about 2 years. They hectic-ness gets better, but you still have those days that everything is just crazy. A good brain will help so that way you at least know what you still have to do at a glance. I have tried to attach it, but even with going advanced I can't figure it out. This is what works best with me. We have 5-6 patients a piece so that is why there is 3 to a page. What I do is highlight the things that I need to do. Like not all my patients are nurse draws or daily weights, so I would highlight them to make sure I do them. I use highlighters a lot, a little bit of my OCD coming out. Like pink is for what things I needs to do, blue is for observation patients (we have to chart certain things on them), orange is DNR, green is for things I need to make sure that I pass on that I might forget. My best advice is to write things down, especially little things about assessments. Don't always just go by what the previous nurse charted.
    If you want a copy let me know
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    This is actually a pretty nice brain sheet! Thanks.

    Quote from PediLove2147
    I'll share my "brain" because I created it myself and I am quite proud of it!

    There is a lot to it but it keeps me organized.
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    Ok I want this brain sheet too please :-) PM me and I will give you my email.
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    porkey2: Thanks! I worked hard on it.

    Anyone who wants mine, I attached it to my previous post. Just click and save to your computer.
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    I have a brain (and a half) for working med-surg 12 hour shifts (7-7). The brain is 2 per page, double sided (if you print that way). I'm working on the 'cover' page so I can more readily keep up with stuff like who has meds/treatments and when without having to check each sheet. I tend to write small. I stick patient stickers on the corners. Phone numbers for the PCTs. The bottom is most of the admissions questions to ask so I don't have to drag the computer in with me. Good luck! Hope you are getting better with it.
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    I so love this report sheet alibee, but for some reason I can not print your PDF. would it be possible for you to send to my personal email??? If not, that's ok, I will keep trying.
    Thanks so much for posting this.

    My email is
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    I just wanted to tell you that I thankfully stumbled upon this thread and looked at the brain sheet you created and posted. I have been using it for the past 2 weeks or so and it has helped me out so much! I feel more organized with it and my report to the next shift seems to flow 10x better when I'm using it. I just wanted you to know that I've benefited from using it. Thanks again!!

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