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Kudos to floor nurses

  1. 27 I work in the ICU. I send a very difficult pt to the floor (behaviorally) and couldn't imagine taking care of 5-8 more pts on top of that.

    I couldn't mentally handle that job, so thank you for doing what you do.
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    Thanks! Nice to be appreciated!
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    Thank you from me, too! I've been on both sides of the fence.. did 1.5 years in MedSurg, 1 year in tele, and now in intensive care... I couldn't handle my old MedSurg unit today if I wanted to. Thank you for what you do.
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    I'm in total agreement. I worked M/S on and off for five years, and I'd have to be literally homeless and starving in the streets before I'd do it again.....especially under today's circumstances and patient loads. I don't know how y'all do it anymore. KUDOS to you!!!
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    Quote from hodgieRN
    I work in the ICU. I send a very difficult pt to the floor (behaviorally) and couldn't imagine taking care of 5-8 more pts on top of that.

    I couldn't mentally handle that job, so thank you for doing what you do.
    After working critical care (and emergency medicine) my entire career. I make it very clear that I do not have the skills to care for patients on the floor. I bow to floor nurses and their organizational skills!!!

    Hats off to the floor nurses!!!!
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    Ha ha ha thank you!! It is a crazy crazy place to work. I often will get a transfer from the unit and the ICU nurse looks at horror as I run around answering call lights, addressing bed alarms, fielding multiple phone calls all while taking report from him/her and assessing the patient and getting the tiny cramped room set up.

    However, on the flip side, the ICU terrifies me and I could never work there - so kudos to the ICU nurses for the lives they save and the hard work they do! Kudos to ALL NURSES for we all have hard jobs!!! We ALL rock!
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    Floor nurses are definitely amazing, and have an entirely unique skill set that is nothing short of impressive. The daily tasks of a floor nurse can be overwhelming and frustrating, but those who rise to the occasion are stars in the field.
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    Agreed! They're amazing God knows they don't get paid enough for that oop: ha ha. And kudos to all the other nurses out there!
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    Thanks to all of you who provide direct care. You're awesome!
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    I challenge ANY ICU/CCU RN to walk one shift in the shoes of a M/S Nurse. The M/S Nurse depends on their assessment skill, knowledge base and gut whereas the ICU/CCU Nurse has all the modern technology to care for their patients. Kudos to the M/S Nurse. You work in the realm of a speciality of its own! Congrats to you!
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    ah thanks My job is busy and doable but i like it most days. I like pts that actually can talk and walk and have a very good possibility of getting better...............its worth the trade off for me.
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    Hats off to long care nurses as well. They have up to 30 patients sometimes, and have to be watched constantly and many are a full code and crash constantly. Hats off to every nurse who actually takes care of patients.......
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    Sometimes when I want to give up on M/S, I stop and realize that if I did that, I'd have to go the gym to fit in that workout. I'm certain all that stress and power walking is keeping me trim.
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