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  1. crussell

    Remember when. . .

    I can tell you it's definitely present in our hospital. We are a very customer service organization, so whatever the patient or the family wants, they get. We are a no smoking facility, but all the patient has to do is complain, and there is a MD order to accompany the patient down while he smokes! I really feel like the families are worse though- they feel entitled to free meals, expect us to bring them snacks and coffee, complain about the size of a semi private room then call patient relations to be moved to a private room "like the doctor promised us in ER!"
  2. crussell

    Lazy nurses

    Lazy nurses are in every age group!! I can't tell you how many "new" nurses I see on their IPhone, texting, while their patients are calling!
  3. crussell

    What is the maximum number of patients per nurse?

    I work on an acute med/surg tele floor: 7-8 on days and nights- no PCT's.
  4. We routinely have 7-8 patients on days and nights on a busy med surg floor with telemetry. Each RN works with an LPN. The RN is responsible for am vitals, accuchecks and assessments and of course, RN interventions. The LPN's do the noon and pm vital signs and all the meds and IVPB. It's very hectic and the supervisors walk the halls asking for discharged patients so new patients can be promptly admitted. It's just crazy!!!!!
  5. crussell

    Charge nurse asking me to lie

    Don't worry about your thread - it was perfectly readable. Good luck with everything!!