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    Hi All,

    I am living in NH ane will be applying for a MA license by endorsement. I noticed on the application that I need to apply a colored passport photo. This seems kind of expensive as a passport costs several hundred dollars. Has anyone applied for license by endorsement to MA?


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    Hi all,

    I live in New Hampshire and I am applying for a MA license by endorsement. The application states to attach a colored passport photo as one of the requirements. This seems kind of expensive as a passport costs a couple of hundred dollars. Has anyone applied for a Mass license by endorsement and had to attach a colored passport photo?

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    I go licensed in MA by endorsement. All I did was go to a place where they take a passport type photo and attach that. I went to a store that sold picture frames and film, and it didn't cost much at all. That was about 8 years ago, but I got 2 pics for pretty cheap and it fit what I needed.
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    You don't have to have the actual passport, just the photo that is associated with a passport. Go to your local drugstore or any place that advertises passport photos.
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    Passport photos are pretty cheap ~$10 or so. Walgreens does them, so does Kinkos! (CVS might too...)
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    'passport photo' is a standard size and format of image , not the back page of a passport ...
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    Thank you guys/gals,

    I guess I was reading too much into it.
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    Are you sure about that? I got two passport pictures taken at Walgreens for $15. You just need pictures right now the whole passport?
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    I've never applied for licensure in MA, but I've applied for other licenses, scholarships, etc., that required me to submit a "passport photo." As ladicapricorn notes, the term just refers to the size of the photo -- you don't have to get a passport to apply for the nursing license, just the photo itself, and nearly anyplace that does photos can make them for you (I got mine done at a WalMart for just a few dollars.
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