What is the first thing you are going to buy once you are a nurse? - page 8

My first major purchase will be....wait for it.......A HOUSE, lol. I know some of you are like "WTH" lol. I am going to work my ass off that first year or so for a down payment. What are you... Read More

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    After I passed NCLEX, the first thing that I bought was Subway Haha!
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    Quote from TurtleLittle
    Come to think of it, I never thought of buying anything for myself when I get my first paycheck as an RN. Well, thinking about car of some point but the most compelling thing from the bottom of my heart I would and probably will do is to buy a LV bag for my mother. I don't care if that means being wasting money or unpractical to some ppl. It is a matter of pride & love.

    When I came to this country, my mother had to put up with so much craps and push her limits in her 50s all over again for my family. Some fairly well earning relatives bragged with my mother about their LV bags and stuffs and she just smiled it off. She truly thinks a LV bag has always been just some never-came-true super unrealistic luxurious dream for a woman like her. I mean my whole family were practically homeless with no English, no money, no job, no education, no real skills whatsoever ....so an LV bag? Come on! Then the same relatives (GO figure!) told my mother that nurses make pretty good money, have a stable job, and earn high respects from their hard-work/competitive education and contribution to society but "dream on your kid probably only can just work in the factory IF he is lucky. Might also take him couple more years to study English in college before anything". Funny that the counselors in my college told me the same BS. lol

    I told my mother: "Bring it on! Mom, I will become a nurse at the shortest time as possible from my standing and I buy you a LV bag like it's no big deal!"

    I came to this country in 2007, started going to college in 2008 and will be graduating my BSN in this December 2012. Can't wait to prove that I am keeping my words to my dear mom soon! Happy July 4th everyone! This country is so beautiful. ^^
    :-) <3 all I could do was smile while reading this. I lost my mom freshman year and let that break me. Our last conversation was about me starting school in the fall, at that point I wanted to be a pediatrician but to plan B as a nurse. But after sometime passed I dusted myself off and started at it again. I'm not sure what my first purchase is going to be once I'm a r.n., but its going to be something in honor of my mother.
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    A Ford Mustang and a trip to the spa.
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    a month at an all-inclusive vacation in the caribbean somewhere.
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    Booze and some grey's anatomy scrubs ha ha.
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    The first thing i would buy would be a vacation for my Husband and kids to thank them for hanging in there with me through this hard time.
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    A Vespa! Maybe.
    I actually plan to save up. I'll still be living at home (family can't let me go yet!) and I think it's to my benefit to train myself to save up for my necessities such as a nice apartment, groceries and of course, grad school!
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    The first thing I'm getting is a Lancer Evolution X MR. Can't wait. It's one of the many many things that keep me inspired. Only 2.5 more years lol
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    The honeymoon my amazing wife will have been waiting for since I am starting school a month before we get married, ha!
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    Quote from veggie530
    I'm buying a pretty girl in my class a nice dinner.

    Or I'm dining alone. Either way, that food is getting eaten and that girl will have to answer. LOL.
    Aww, that's adorable! Good luck!!
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    Quote from Mike R
    After I passed NCLEX, the first thing that I bought was Subway Haha!
    HAHAHA that's hilarious!
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    i love you hahahaha
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    same here lol

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