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Mike R is a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. Mike R

    Gun Owning Nurses

    I agree with the sentiments that our chosen profession has nothing to do with our hobbies at home. That being said, I am a ED RN and firearms enthusiast living in a large metropolitan area in southern CA. There's a fairly decent following with the staff I work with. At least half of them are open about their ownership/acceptance of firearms. There's there's always the small amount who are against it overall, but the rest really seem indifferent where I am. Personally, I'm more into it for the sport. While I do have my Concealed Carry Permit, really I just enjoy unwinding by punching holes in paper. To those who state we may be over rationalizing about perceived fears, I liken legally owning/carrying a firearm for personal protection to wearing seatbelts. I pray that I never need it for it's intended purpose. But I always find myself using it just in case.
  2. Mike R

    I was yelled at by my nurse yesterday

    Hi Ellie, There's a couple of things I would like to touch base on. First, I'm sorry that this RN was unprofessional and rude enough to belittle you in front of others like that. She should have pulled you aside in private and had a respectable conversation with you there. May I ask what kind of questions you were asking? I've caught myself several times asking questions that I could easily of answered myself if I just opened my eyes and looked what was right in front of me; leading me to start to annoy the nurse I was with. I agree with Gina, that a student should be able to ask any question they want. But they should know which questions to ask and which ones to do a little footwork on. I know, I'm guilty of it. (I'm saying all this without knowing what you said, so please don't infer that I'm inferring anything about you). Given what I just said, I really think you should throw your "coupon" idea out the window. If you have a good question, by all means ask it!
  3. Mike R

    How to run a Study Group?

    I was hired by my school to tutor groups of up to 6 at a time. What I like to do is have the students do most of the talking. I'll ask them what are the most important details of each disease, what do I assess for, what labs do I check, what interventions, meds & s/e, etc. I'll give them situations and they need to tell me what they would do. And I'll have the students critique each other on what they think would be best and why. They all keep coming back to me, so I'm doing something right
  4. Mike R

    Hypotension & its causes

    You know, I argued the same point as pneumothorax to an ICU nurse the other week. She just said you can lower BP without any explanation behind it. Therefore, I didn't want to believe her. You however, put it quite succinctly!
  5. Mike R

    What would the IV rate be...?

    I really think you're just over thinking this. Looks like a TKO sort of thing. It's 17ml/hr. Get some rest!
  6. My sister had a classmate who was 68 by the time they graduated their ADN. She retired from her previous career and finally had the time to fullfill her life long dream. High marks in all her classes and clinicals. Age really is only a number. Definitely do-able! :)
  7. Mike R

    Waiting for phone call after second CNA interview at hospital

    Two weeks and no response? I'd call them personally for an update. They say it also shows "initiative". Good luck!
  8. Mike R

    Primary Nursing Diagnosis: Stable Patient?

    I think you're missing the point. Post partum or not, there's still excess fluid volume. You're hung up on whats normal for a baby process. But baby process isn't mom's normal state.
  9. Mike R

    Primary Nursing Diagnosis: Stable Patient?

    Were you actually able to do a physical assessment on her, or just through the charts? I can think of a hand full of NANDAs just off of what you listed. Imbalanced nutrition, sure. What's stopping you from looking further into the pitting edema? The diabetes is more of a "risk for", but it's there. What about the giant incision on her belly? Also, despite of the opinion that you think she has adequate knowledge and access to self care and infant, there is ALWAYS a knowledge deficit of SOMETHING :)
  10. Mike R

    Are your nursing school tests timed?

    We get 1 hour to do 50 questions. Two hours for a 100 question final. Scantron, so no individual question time limit.
  11. Nope. I worked in a law office for 6 years prior as a clerk. No medical experience at all.
  12. Mike R

    I'm 4'10 and worried I am too small to be cna

    We had a set of twins at our hospital who were CNA's. They were each 4'8" and no more than 95lbs each soaking wet. One worked on Oncology and the other on med surge. They were there for over 15 years each and were damn good. Look inside and you'll find your answer.
  13. I started as a volunteer at my local hospital. I found out who the managers were and schmoozed them all. Ended up working for radiology and ergonomics later. Now I'm in the stepdown Neuro/Stroke floor as a CNA. I personally don't really feel the managers actually care that you're a volunteer, after all there's no real experience behind it. But if you can wow them and the nurse coordinators with personality, it's a leg up. My advice? DO IT!
  14. Mike R

    The Hidden Costs of Nursing School

    For us, there was also: Kaplan Fees Nurse Squared Fees
  15. Yes, for a third semester ADN program. It included a 60min lecture, fake arms for lab (practicing on classmates was not allowed but if we did it outside of school property they actually encouraged it), a skills lab competency test and required 4 successful real patient IV starts. IV maintenance was second semester.
  16. Mike R

    Back breaker / ergonomics

    Does the facility offer lift equipment with slings?