What is the first thing you are going to buy once you are a nurse? - page 8

My first major purchase will be....wait for it.......A HOUSE, lol. I know some of you are like "WTH" lol. I am going to work my ass off that first year or so for a down payment. What are you losers *ahem*, I mean gentlemen... Read More

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    Im gonna buy a brand new ballin car and then start saving for a house!

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    Quote from puravidaLV

    well I have to pay off my six babies mommas that have my 2 kids and that hummer ain't gonna drive itself!

    Just because Crocs hooked me up with a wicked shoe deal, dickies signed me up in their ad campaign, and Littmann leases me new stethoscopes every 3 months don't be hat'n.
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    I definitely need a new Car. I want a Dodge Challenger R/T.
    It's just the fact that im a male nurse who drives a miata, so that's two stereotypes already I need to break through. Already a working nurse though, so its just a matter of time to save up. ^^
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    I want to travel, and pay off loans. I am used to being broke, so I will avoid tangible luxuries until I am loan free. Easier said then done. lol
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    Exactly! The day I was accepted into nursing school I knew a motorcycle was going to be my present to myself,
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    I got my eyes set on a new car!
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    I plan to pay off all my student loans. Pay off the new car I just bought if it is not paid off yet and then save for a nice home.
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    A new suit
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    I need a new pair of eyes! Lasik!
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    First thing will be to pay off loans for sure

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