What is the first thing you are going to buy once you are a nurse? - page 4

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My first major purchase will be....wait for it.......A HOUSE, lol. I know some of you are like "WTH" lol. I am going to work my ass off that first year or so for a down payment. What are you losers *ahem*, I mean gentlemen... Read More

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    A case of beer
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    2008 Suzuki B-King with ABS and hard saddle bags.. oh and silver!

    That or a BMW K1300 S... In blue..

    tough call between the two...
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    I will put every dime towards the principle on my home, then after two years ima buy my Ashton Martin!!!!
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    My plan is to maintain my meager lifestyle and pay off my student loans ASAP.
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    a new D-SLR to fuel my passion for photography
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    World cup tickets... in BRAZIL! (but, not till 2014)
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    With the amount of debt I have incurred, I would like to get a handle on that first. Other than that, my long term goal is to pay for a vacation for my parents as a thank you for all of their emotional (and financial) support through my schooling.
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    A 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 would be nice!
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    I'm probably gonna buy plane tickets to Utah to visit my family, and then another ticket to California to visit my best friend. Then my own apartment, then a car. Then I'll go from there!
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    in this order:
    A wedding ban for my wife because she is awesome
    A 1960-70 VW Bus for my wife...because again she is awesome
    and finally my soul from Bank Of America who owns my butt to the tune of 17k.