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labvalues specializes in Respiratory.

Recent graduate of a BSN program. BA in Anthropology from Illinois State University.

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  1. labvalues

    Making first impressions with your patient/family.

    I agree, it can be difficult as a male RN to meet expectations. When I have patients who bring my ability into question related to my gender my usual script is, "I am a professional just like the rest of my coworkers and I will treat you with respect" or something similar to that. Thankfully, I have only had to say that on very rare occasions.
  2. labvalues

    Ugh....It feels like I'll never get there!

    The best thing that I can suggest to help with anxiety is to learn about relaxation techniques. One of my classmates practices yoga and meditation daily and he has been gracious enough to teach us some techniques and they have really helped. Be active in your education! Seek out opportunities during your clinical rotations so you can gain more experience. Nurses on the units love students who actively seek out learning opportunities and this can reflect positively on you when it comes time to look for employment. Nursing school is an adventure, I wish you the best of luck. Above all else, have fun with your experience.
  3. labvalues

    ATI NCLEX-RN Live Review

    My college uses ATI through out the program. I was wondering if any of you all have attended an ATI NCLEX-RN Live Review course? They cost around $300 and I'm debating if I want to make that type of financial commitment. I graduate in August of this year and I figure it's never too early to start looking around for NCLEX-RN reviews.
  4. With the amount of debt I have incurred, I would like to get a handle on that first. Other than that, my long term goal is to pay for a vacation for my parents as a thank you for all of their emotional (and financial) support through my schooling.
  5. Before I take a test I perform a few deep, calming breaths. Inhale through the nose slowly, hold for three second, and then release slowly through the mouth. Any nursing program is heavy on testing so managing test anxiety is important for any nursing student.
  6. labvalues


    Congratulations Eric! Nursing is a great profession and I'm glad that I decided to persue my education in it. I'll be finishing up a BSN program here in Peoria, IL. If you have any questions, don't be a stranger!
  7. labvalues

    The "Why don't you go to Med School" Question

    This question always makes my eye twitch and I think it's a rather rude thing to ask... Even worse, I had a RN who I was working with on a clinical day ask why I didn't want to be a PA or MD. I fell into this profession and I am loving every second of it and, not to toot my own horn, am great with patients. I wanted to be a nurse because I want to work with people and help them. Isn't that why most people want to become a nurse?
  8. labvalues

    Alternative to tote bags?

    Invest in a good, study backpack. When I come to campus to work on homework/study I usually use a reusable grocery bag which is much stronger than the clinical bag we were supplied with. Just don't use a rolly-backpack, I can never take anyone seriously who uses one... that's just me.
  9. labvalues

    Worried about my chances

    Hey there, I'm currently in a second-degree program in Central Illinois and I am enjoying it so far. Most of the people in my program, including myself, have no clinical experience prior to coming to nursing school. I think your GPA and your prior experience with research will be big pluses on your application.
  10. labvalues

    Did you find Med-Surg class much harder than fundamentals?

    Med-Surg is split up into two courses in my program. I'm in Med-Surg 2 right now and so far I have found the neuro material to be the hardest. I suggest brushing up on your A&P and lab values (and their significance). Just take a deep breath and you will get through it!
  11. labvalues

    This can't be what it's all about, can it?

    I think it all depends on what area you are working in. I'm on a med-surg unit this semester for clinical and everyone, CNAs and RNs are buzzing around working together. Last semester I was on a rehabilitation unit and I noticed that the CNAs were doing a majority of the grunt work (bed baths, changing bedding, ambulating patients, seeing to toileting needs, etc) while the RNs were mostly just passing meds and performing assessments.
  12. labvalues

    Second Career?

    Do it man! I am in a second degree program right now and we have people from all different backgrounds and ages (ranging from 22-56). You will get contact with ALL sorts of people in any area of nursing you go into. At the hospital my program is through you can get a job right away, but it might not be in the area you want. That's alright though because in 6 months you can transfer anywhere in the hospital. As far as work place "drama," that can happen in ANY profession. I do find there to be a little less drama with the RNs I have shadowed during clinicals because they have such good team working skills. Who knows, maybe I am just lucky or don't notice it...
  13. labvalues

    Torn between NCLEX books for study??

    I have Hogan's Comprehensive Review NCLEX-RN and I find it to be very helpful. Also, ATI has a RN NCLEX app that is available on the iPhone/iPod and I think on Android phones, too. Other than that, practice, practice, practice and good luck!
  14. labvalues

    Good Advice Karma Given Here!

    Relax! You were sick and not feeling well. You will have plenty of other opportunities to look good in front of your instructors. I just started a second-degree program and we all freaking out because we all bombed our first test. Our instructor told us we would all have slip ups and to just keep up the hard work and it will come to us. As for organization, I have found it's best not to get bogged down in the details of what should go where. I have a folder for each class with a "to do" and a "done" side. When the whole unit is done, I put it into a binder for safe keeping. When it comes time to keeping track of my assignments I write or type out a whole list and check stuff off as I get each task completed. When I first write out my lists, I honestly want to cry sometimes, but crossing off the completed tasks gives me such a gratifying feeling. Good luck and keep up the hard work!
  15. labvalues

    Electrolyte imbalances-please help!

    Thank you so much for posting that! I just started my nursing program and saving those documents to my reference folder will help out a ton in the future!
  16. labvalues

    Male Nurses that lift weights and stay fit

    I lost a bunch of weight after graduating with my first BA and then gained it all back when I went back to school for nursing school prerecs. Now that I'm starting my program in January, I need to get back into shape. I recently got a gym membership. How do you all find time for it?