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My college uses ATI through out the program. I was wondering if any of you all have attended an ATI NCLEX-RN Live Review course? They cost around $300 and I'm debating if I want to make that type of financial commitment. I graduate in August of this year and I figure it's never too early to start looking around for NCLEX-RN reviews.


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My school used ATI during the program as well. I finished 2 weeks ago and the last week was dedicated to ATI review from the instructors of ATI. There were 3 of them and they were absolutely incredible. They were knowledgeable, thorough and easy to approach. Their lesson plans were directly from the ATI books, more specifically the ATI NCLEX-RN review.

I will test this week, and while I have a healthy respect for the NCLEX, I am not worried about it. I was well prepared for the ATI review by my school, yet my predictor exam went up a few points afterwards, but the exam does not really show the actual knowledge I gained from the ATI review. The instructors are truly amazing and I would recommend the review to everyone as a recap of all the courses of the year. The peace of mind in knowing I am prepared for NCLEX is worth every penny spent on ATI. In my case, the ATI review was paid for by school and did not cost me anything extra.

Having said that, there are many people who use Kaplan and other review courses with success.


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Yes. My school uses AT Live Review.

To be honest I only used their assessments when studying for my boards, their great for gauging your level of knowledge. Also I highly recommend using the Nursing Learning System under my nursing, they have fantastic tips on priority questions and how to navigate through Alternate Formats.....


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My college used the ATI throughout nursing school. We PAID a fortune for those *^%$ tests and I never saw the use in them until I completed school last month and began the ATI Virtual stuff with a tutor online. This was the best part of ATI and helps predict where you sit at graduation and help focus on what you need to study before taking the exam.

I did take an additional $350.00 live program from HURST and got a great book to study from. However, I seriously have learned more in the past 3 weeks from my online tutor with one-on-one teaching through ATI. After 3 weeks she gave me the green light to test.

Good luck to you!

does anyone have a 2012 ATI NCLEX-RN Review book?; or, at least an ISBN #? Thank you

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no one has the ati nclex review book unless they have taken the review course. They do not sell them separately nor do they give them out as part of the ATI series. I know this for a fact.


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ATI's pretests in many cases are full of incorrect and outdated information. Their post-graduation 3 day NCLEX review is a dog & pony show. I relied solely on that review and the material provided to take my NCLEX and I failed. ATI is a tool used by schools to maintain their accreditation and nothing more. ATI is about making money and I have even had a professor of mine admit to me that she was fairly sure that nurses were not making up the content on the ATI tests. I have taken 100's of snapshots of ATI questions with snipping tool (found in windows 7) and shared them with nurses who flat out say they are wrong! For instance, ATI believes that nurses are the ones who ensure a patient understands a surgical procedure they have upcoming when in fact that is the physicians responsibility. ATI also does not know the difference between side effects and adverse side effects. ATI believes that nurses are responsible for helping victims of physical abuse develop escape plans the next time they are abused. Of course, ALL of these are WRONG. All their NCLEX review did for me was have me study materials I wasn't even tested on when I took my NCLEX. ATI is a complete waste of time and effort. I graduated an accredited university with a Bachelors in Nursing with a 3.25gpa and failed the NCLEX because I relied on ATI to provide a quality review and used their materials to study. What I got turned out to be a bad joke and now a horrible situation. There's a reason ATI doesn't want anyone copying their questions on tests. There's a reason ATI reps won't speak directly to students. There's a reason you can never get a nurse on the line to speak to at ATI. They are trying to cover up the fact that they are in the business of making money, not educating students.


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I too utilized VATI and after awhile gave up on them as my school uses ATI. I then enrolled in Kaplan and passed with flying colors on my NCLEX after utilizing KAPLAN. I heard HURST is amazing, as well.

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I did attend the ATI live review, it was included in my school's tuition. It was three days long and the instructor was an experienced RN with a Master's in teaching, who works for ATI. I found it useful, with plenty of key points reinforced. I am scheduled to take the NCLEX tomorrow and I'm a bit nervous. I have 99% chance of passing NCLEX on my first attempt, according to ATI, but the Kaplan Q Bank that I purchased I'm averaging in the low 60's. Has anyone had similar experienced and passed NCLEX?