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Hello Everyone! This is my first time writting on this site so here it goes. I was just woundering if I was the only guy that had hard times with marriage in nursing school?... Read More

  1. by   Roy Fokker
    Very sorry to hear that pr0metheus (glad you stole fire from the gods for us mortals though )
  2. by   nicenurse911121
    Sorry to hear that your marraige failed, or should i say she failed you, Mine was 6 years after school, but it really started while i was in school I suppose, it just took me this long to see he wasnt there for me then and it took its toll. Oh well, obladee obladah, life goes on...good luck to you, we both need it i think
  3. by   pr0metheus
    Well... I can report that (with rounding), I should end up with an 'A' in mental health! I clawed my way through the last unit exam and the class final.
    That is good, but I fear my grades in adult health have dipped a bit. I tanked (somewhat) on the unit exam yesterday because I let her get to me...long story, but my concentration was thrown out the window... I will be pulling all my "stuff" together and I will do good on the last unit exam and then will really focus on the course final August 3! Then I have an entire semester to get it together and let the "process" happen.

    Thanks for the bits of support!

  4. by   Alexandres
    I feel your pain, especially the Mr. X part. Snakes in the grass.

    Good luck to you in school. One more year to go!

    Quote from pr0metheus
    Well... I have now joined the ranks of those who have lost their marriages while in nursing school.

    I know that my being in nursing school was not the sole reason for the split, but it was what ultimately broke the camel's back. Despite knowing exactly how long and how intense the schooling would be and the vision of the results of acheiving the goals, she couldn't hold on for me to finish. Yes open communication and making the absolute best of every possible moment together are important (just like we did), but it really takes a good strong relationship to make it through. Ours was a little skakey, but not that far gone. Our main stressor was how tight our budget was(is). We really had no other problems and had a wonderful relationship. I am now 2 years into school (first 3 semesters were general ed, then this and last semester were nursing), and my time away was just too much for her to take. Enter Mr. X with every bit of time in the world for her... :angryfire

    So here I am 43 years old, full-time employee, college student, trying to reorganize my life, and also trying to figure out how I am going to pass my upcoming Adults Health I and Mental Health exams...


    I salute those of you who have marriages that survive nursing school. :smiley_aa I honestly thought we would make it, but I was wrong.
  5. by   Sheri257
    Quote from Roy Fokker
    Of all the people who were involved in steady relationships before nursing school started in my class, only about 5-6% made it through with their relationships intact.
    Whoah ... those are horrible odds. I can't say I'm familiar with the love life of everybody in my class but, I don't think over 90 percent have had breakups. Most of the older students who've been married for a long time have made it through pretty well. A couple of husbands cheated on their wives/live in girlfriends. One is riding it out through graduation since she has four kids, the other dumped the guy on the spot and had to start working to support her two kids.

    We've had a couple of divorces with the younger students but, those relationships were rocky before nursing school started. One young student actually left her husband while he was stationed in Iraq. We all thought that was pretty horrible but, I don't think you can blame nursing school on that one. A couple of students in the class also started an affair and one of them is married so, that marriage probably won't last either ... drama, drama, drama ...

    My husband was in the medical field before so, he knew what to expect. He does all the errands, laundry, house work, etc. while I'm in school. He knows he won't see me much so ... we make a point of planning lots of trips and fun things during school breaks to make up for lost time.

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  6. by   Tweety
    Quote from Roy Fokker
    Of all the people who were involved in steady relationships before nursing school started in my class, only about 5-6% made it through with their relationships intact.

    Most of them lost it in Junior year. Man, I saw a lot of stressed out people in my class that year.

    I made a few attempts - but decided early on that I simply didn't have the time, energy and money to invest in a relationship, work two jobs AND go to school. I also didn't think I was responsible enough.

    A lot of people state college Roy and go through a few relationships. That's the age group too. But I hear you, nursing school takes a toll.
  7. by   81ke83
    I remarried last June. My husband then boyfriend has supported me 150% while going to school. I am one of those students that is obsessed with being successful in my classes. I spend alot of time studying. I also work full time and will continue to that during nursing school. I think it has to do with trust and feeling secure in your relationship. My husband knows that when I finish in a couple of years that we can live anywhere and I won't be commuting an hour each way to work. Maybe it works because we are older and don't place the demands on each other. When I get stressed about school he is my rock. Don't know if that helps but I think secure people aren't as stressed about getting attention in a relationship.