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  1. nicenurse911121

    Marriage and Nursing school ?

    Sorry to hear that your marraige failed, or should i say she failed you, Mine was 6 years after school, but it really started while i was in school I suppose, it just took me this long to see he wasnt there for me then and it took its toll. Oh well, obladee obladah, life goes on...good luck to you, we both need it i think
  2. nicenurse911121

    Womens interest in male nurses

    :flowersfo :sofahider
  3. nicenurse911121

    Womens interest in male nurses

    The profession doesnt attract me, its the kind of person it genuinely takes to be a nurse no matter what modality of nursing they are into. For a man to choose the healthcare profession shows true character and willingness to care for other individuals, that is very attractive. Just gotta find me one lol.
  4. nicenurse911121

    Dating for Men in Nursing/Nursing School

    OH YEAH??!!
  5. nicenurse911121

    Question about heart failure

    From my understanding of heart failure, there is diastolic and systolic dysfunction primarily, however, additional classifications include, right or left sided heart failure, biventricular failure, forward or backward failure, high and low output failure, and acute or chronic failure. Hope this helps a little: Left sided:LV cardiac outputHello everyone! New grad here (passed NCLEX - no job yet) I've been reading a critical care book and read about the 4 categories of heart failure. Can anyone please explain to me the difference between the 2 categories of left sided heart failure and systolic dysfunction? They appear to be very similar to me.....what distinguishes one from the other? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!! :balloons:
  6. nicenurse911121

    Nursing Isn't our place?

    Dont let a few bad nurses ruin your opinion, let a few good men change it, cause some of the best nurses I know happen to be opposite gender of me
  7. nicenurse911121

    Western ,NC Eastern, TN area??

  8. nicenurse911121

    Marriage and Nursing school ?

  9. nicenurse911121

    Marriage and Nursing school ?

    Dang we are in the same situation almost, just remember no one can make you happy but yourself, and NEVER let go of your dreams. I didnt have the same problems that it sounds as you are but ...nonsupport I did have alot of...hmm can you have alot of NON support hahaha. I put up with alot for a long time and now I am actually happy, can you believe that?? I volunteer as a first responder at a local Vol Fire Dept, thats awesome by the way, and also volunteer on a SMAT team for mass casualty responses. JUST DO IT :)Originally Posted by tattoomysoul Wow Nicenurse!!!!! I am doing all my generals right now and hope to enter NS next fall....I know this is exactly what is going to happen to my marriage. It's been this way the whole 18 years weve been married. But I am tired of putting my wants and needs last...It's time I started doing something for myself and this is what I've always wanted to do!!!! Just to let you experience a portion of what I have to deal with...I had a job interview last night at 11:00 (for a 3rd shift job)...My DH truck was broke down, so he was driving mine....He called at 7 and said he was gonna stop off and have a beer with his buddy...I say Fine, just be home by 10:30 so I can go to my interview...He says ok....Needless to say, at 10:45, he's still not home and won't answer his phone....He comes in at 5:00am, takes a shower and goes to work....OOOHHH I was so pissed!! SO divorce court and nursing school, here I come!!! Thanks y'all for letting me vent...I feel so much better!
  10. nicenurse911121

    Marriage and Nursing school ?

    I agree with alot of posters replies, and alot hit the nail on the head.... emotional support. Not having that can make you realize how shallow your signifigant other is after you have sacrificed everything for them and the children for years, and now do for you. I worked 36 hours on weekends, and went to school full time, having to wait until after the kids were in bed to study, because no help with them, cooking and cleaning continued, paid for it all myself (of course couldnt get pell or any help) as well as childcare then the normal bills I paid...so been a nurse for 7 years now and slowly my marraige has dwindled, now its time to move on with life, give the kids my continued love as well as love myself for a change, and be proud of how I spent my life... eventhough a marraige fails, doesnt mean you are a failure. It takes two to make it or break it, and being a giver all the time as most of us nurses are, we need some giving gave back to survive and sometimes our spouses forget we are a person who cant do it all. So maybe one day I can find someone who can love me, support and be proud of my career as I would him, and be a compliment to mine and my children's lives:)
  11. nicenurse911121

    North Carolina Nurses: A Century of Caring

    AND.....support our NC nursing students by purchasing a license plate with "First In Nursing" imprinted, available at any NC Tag Office, show your Nurse License, and 45 dollars a year and you can facilitate for the nursing profession while contributing to the NC Nurse Scholars!!!
  12. nicenurse911121

    NP or Nurse-midwife - sonography

    In my opinion, NP would be the way to go due to the fact you can specialize in any area you desire, whereas with the midwifery, you are limited to pre, peri, and postpartum care.
  13. nicenurse911121

    Myra Maines

    OMG I had started at a LTC facility on 3rd, had been there about 2 months I guess, well I had made my 2 am rounds and heard the phone ring. When I returned to the desk. A LPN handed me a paper that said call ***_**** and ask for Myra Maines. I said outloud who is Myra Maines. I said this about 10 times before calling. Called the # and was a funeral home, still not getting it I said Someone called me from this number and told me to ask for Myra Maines, OMG THEN IT HIT ME
  14. nicenurse911121

    Discrimination Against Men in Nursing

    I want to say I applaud ANYONE who is a nurse, from all modalities, from one on one care to trauma flight nursing and all the areas inbetween. I do agree with your comment of there being needs related to difficult family histories. However, I dont think all ppl hold grudges against men just because they have had bad experiences. I love working with any nurse that is confident in what they do, because you know better than I that some are not, and I have noticed a man is more confident usually than a woman in any situation. Therefore, having said that, I have no problem at all working with a man who chose nursing as a career, actually I am very proud to have one on my team. You are correct that ppl migrate towards where they feel comfortable, and if that means biase towards any nurse, youre right, get out before you find yourself in the middle of it. I am a "wounded lady" but not "difficult to work with" at all. Actually you all should be flattered, it shows a woman how a real man is suppose to be. JMHO:nurse:
  15. nicenurse911121

    IM injection help: maximum amount given in ventrogluteal site

    In nursing school the standard taught is never give over a 2ml injection in one dose rational being it maintains the integrity of the muscle tissue and absorbtion of the drug. However i was researching this for a reference to site hmm and to my surprise the following is acceptable: Deltoid: typical injection 0.5ml but up to 2ml, Dorsogluteal: Typical injection 1 to 4 ml, Ventrogluteal:1 to 4 ml, Vastus lateralis: 1 to 4 ml ( 1 to 3 ml for infants)
  16. nicenurse911121

    need your advice

    well one guy lets see, in November of 2004 I gave him the ultimatum to get counseling or hes out the door, gave him a long one year til November 2005, no ATTEMPT to go to counseling sooo this past November he was out. So lets see, 3 months actually separated but actually in all reality has been OVER a year mentally. Everyone who has posted is completely right and I know that, I have been in healthcare for 20 years, I was one of the dependent personalities until I finally bucked up and went back to school 7 years ago for my LPN then straight to RN, had been a CNA since 17yo. I guess now I can finally support my kids and myself and never could have 8 years ago. GOD knows my destiny and I look to him for the courage everyday. The hardest thing for me was I took those vows, but I also looked to the Bible for answers. Divorce is only applicable when adultery applies. Oh well, I am aking for forgiveness everyday. Adultery never applied in my situation. It was when my oldest son was being the target. Me, I put up with things, but mess with my children youre gonna regret it.