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I still hold doors for women. I once held the door for the female students after class was over. Boy, that took a long time!... Read More

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    Hold for everyone...but if it's been a while and a young guy is passing through, I'll pass the torch

    For their doors, tend to their coat, bag, and chair, wait until they are seated, tell them they look good (make a point of noticing hair changes, etc), and listen.

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    Hold it for everyone, even little gangster b-tards, and I get a thank you from everyone even if they don't say it.
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    Quote from CT Pixie
    Funny this came up. I was in class yesterday and as I went to leave, some older "gentleman" was trying to come in the door that you should be exiting from (you know the rule, two doors to enter/exit, you use the one to the right). Anyway as I pushed it open (you could not see the man he was standing off to the side of the door) he was pulling it open, I stopped to allow him to walk through as I held the door and he came in like a bull talking about "you wanted EQUAL RIGHTS and to be a FEMINIST, hold your own damn door!" My mouth hit the floor, I was holding the door open for him to enter, not expecting him to hold it for me and allow me to pass. The younger gentleman I had been walking and chatting with (18-20 yrs old) looked at the man and said "I hope no one ever talks to your WIFE or DAUGHTERS that way when they are coming through a door!"

    I'll chalk it up to the older man was having a bad day..a really bad day..and took it out on me...ughhhh
    That is awful. What a jerk.
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    Quote from Assailants
    I would feel like a douche if I didn't hold the door and there was someone behind me
    Yeah me too but I also feel like a douche when a women gives me a weird look for it. I can't help it. Either I'm one helluva creepy fella or she is an Amazonian warrior.
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    Of course, but then again, I hold doors for anyone behind me. Regardless of it being appreciated, I still do it...and have taught my children to do it.

    However, I also have a door-holding story from college (BGSU in OH). While walking to class, I entered a dorm to take a shortcut towards my class. I opened the door, noticed a woman behind me, and let her pass through before me. She stopped, then berated me for 'implying that she's a member of a weaker gender' then stepped through. I stood there, dumbfounded, at what I thought was helpful act. That is the only time that's ever happened, I'm guessing because everyone else isn't accusing me of having such a dark agenda.

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    Absolutely, My Daddy would come out of the grave and kick my ass if I didnt. Its just the right thing to do. I do get some strange and bewildered looks from some females esp. the younger ones whose boyfriends,etc. dont have a clue how you treat a woman.
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    Holding the door specifically for a woman implies that they are fragile and tender and all that crap. Well as far as I know women can be worse jerks than men so I would hold the door for politeness but sometimes I see some guys who run to hold the door for the women. In those moments I laugh inside
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    like others, i hold the during for anyone if the timing is right.
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    Quote from dspevak55
    (BGSU in OH).

    Ay ziggy zoomba zoomba zoomba, ay ziggy zoomba zoomba ze!
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    Yes, I am familiar with that song....I was also in the Falcon Marching Band, as a sousaphone player, and even know the 'rude' words to Aye Zig. =)


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