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I still hold doors for women. I once held the door for the female students after class was over. Boy, that took a long time!... Read More

  1. by   dizzyheadspin
    Quote from Assailants
    I would feel like a douche if I didn't hold the door and there was someone behind me
    Yeah me too but I also feel like a douche when a women gives me a weird look for it. I can't help it. Either I'm one helluva creepy fella or she is an Amazonian warrior.
  2. by   dspevak55
    Of course, but then again, I hold doors for anyone behind me. Regardless of it being appreciated, I still do it...and have taught my children to do it.

    However, I also have a door-holding story from college (BGSU in OH). While walking to class, I entered a dorm to take a shortcut towards my class. I opened the door, noticed a woman behind me, and let her pass through before me. She stopped, then berated me for 'implying that she's a member of a weaker gender' then stepped through. I stood there, dumbfounded, at what I thought was helpful act. That is the only time that's ever happened, I'm guessing because everyone else isn't accusing me of having such a dark agenda.

  3. by   dave5668
    Absolutely, My Daddy would come out of the grave and kick my ass if I didnt. Its just the right thing to do. I do get some strange and bewildered looks from some females esp. the younger ones whose boyfriends,etc. dont have a clue how you treat a woman.
  4. by   European
    Holding the door specifically for a woman implies that they are fragile and tender and all that crap. Well as far as I know women can be worse jerks than men so I would hold the door for politeness but sometimes I see some guys who run to hold the door for the women. In those moments I laugh inside
  5. by   ItsTheDude
    like others, i hold the during for anyone if the timing is right.
  6. by   chansen
    Quote from dspevak55
    (BGSU in OH).

    Ay ziggy zoomba zoomba zoomba, ay ziggy zoomba zoomba ze!
  7. by   dspevak55
    Yes, I am familiar with that song....I was also in the Falcon Marching Band, as a sousaphone player, and even know the 'rude' words to Aye Zig. =)

  8. by   chorkle
    Well, it kinda depends on the situation, or setting . . .

    In a business context, usually not--if only because the general perception is that women present, in that setting, often view themselves as fully the equal of anyone else present, and I can open my own door, thank you very much.

    In the context of most of these responses, sure--common courtesy, taught by my parents.

    Now, your ambulance pulls up in front of the local nursing home, on a lights-and-siren response; you & your partner hustle to get the stretcher off the box, the backboard & a C-collar, the Med. bag, Trauma bag, O2, etc., & are approaching the door. A young lady in CNA-type uniform breezes out the door, seeing you, and doesn't bother to hold it for you. Not that big a deal, by any means, but sure woulda been helpful.

    Did someone say smth about 'common courtesy'?
  9. by   S-Rank
    yes sadly I do. but it gets me brownie points
  10. by   nowayis
    Definitely hold the door open for women. There are a few women that give me attitude for one reason or another, but most of them say "thank you". Either way it is not possible for me to not hold the door open for a woman.
  11. by   commonsense
    I enjoy doing the opposite most of the time. Even when I am in a line of people exiting a room I will shut the door just so the person behind me has to open it. I used to lock it as well but I got into trouble for it, so now I just go with a shut. It gets interesting when the person behind you tries to prevent you from shutting it, but I'll always win that tug of war match.
  12. by   PMFB-RN
    Of course. Also seniors, people in wheel chairs or other assistive devices, anyone carrying something. Those are who I will go out of my way to hold a door for. If I happen to be going through I will hold it for whoever is coming behind me.
    Chicks dig it.
  13. by   magicnurse
    Yes, please keep holding the door open because I as a women can appreciate it. I love it when a man holds a door open for me, it makes my day.