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I'm aware that the words 'Gay' and 'Nursing' may somehow go hand-and-hand for some, and others may find it comical, but I've found it quite uncomfortable being gay and a male, nursing student simply because people tend to treat... Read More

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    Ditto Yay for the gays in nursing school...we keep the girls from killing each other :P
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    I find it hard to be myself, and still live down those stereotypical "flamboyant" expectations of the girls/women I find myself in classes with. Nursing school will be difficult, but as I go to a Junior College (population of about 6,000 students) the odds are that I will more than likely have known a few of the enrolled from before this semester. If that is the case, then I hope to become friends with a few and participate in group studies... If my last Nursing School experience is any indication of what I have to look forward to then I will not make many friends or participate in group studies. I will be left to my own devices. That is a sucky realization, but in the end I am doing this for myself and hopefully to make the lives of the children I plan on having (surrogacy or adoption) better. Grunt, Grin, & bare it all.... It will be worth it they say.
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    I am about to start applying to direct entry programs and have been considering this a lot. Everyone says men have an advantage in these applications because there is a need for male nurses...but not as much for gay male nurses. Has anyone heard this? A lot of my research and experience I have on my resume relates to LGBT issues, but I am thinking of excluding that info to maintain my cover and potentially increase my chances.

    Thoughts anyone please? Thanks!
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    In school I felt very discriminated but more so from my fellow peers. Most my classmates were African and very homophobic. They would give me those looks that could kill but at the end I graduated and the girls seemed to be more open and friendly. As a male you get more favor from the teacher they like to see men in the field from what I was told by a professor.
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    Yes remove does nothing for your application loll
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    I'm so glad that I ran across this post! I recently got into nursing school and i'm very anxious about starting Fall 2012. Before attempting to go down this path I had a problem with my sexuality and said that I would never go into nursing because of the degree of difficulty of the prereqs and the negative view i thought males received but God had other plans lol. I never received so many A's in my life until i got into the nursing major. I already know that people expect me to fail being gay black and having dreads on top of that. I see the looks and I hear the comments but it's fine though. My to hell with all of you Miami attitude has been keeping me afloat. I like to break stereotypes though. Hell I love when people have my name in their mouth. Knowing that i'm on your mind shows that i'm doing something for your attention. I am not overly flamboyant (although I do have my slight mannerisms) but I know that my accept no b.s. attitude has protected me from getting bullied in the past and will hopefully do so in the future. All in all I just hope this experience is a smooth one. I'll keep you all posted though. Ttys!
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    Best of luck to you!
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    I decided to go snooping in the male nursing forum wondering what the heck y'all might be talking about. I found this interesting. There are a lot of gay male nurses out there & I suppose even if you were straight you might be throwing off someone's gaydar. My question is, what's the problem? Girls tend to like gay guys because we can treat them like one of the girls, no need to impress and can share girl conversation without feeling weird. I know in pre-nursing, my best friend was a gay woman. She was a but butch so there was little question & one of my friends spent the entire semester assuming I was gay too, by association. I laughed when she told me. I don't recall anyone treating anyone differently & I don't think I was judged at all for mistakenly be being assumed gay. Embrace your ability to stand out in the crowd and bond with women. It won't always be easy. There will be patients that refuse your help because you're male probably before realizing you're gay.
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    I don't give a rat's rump if gay or straight. I DO care if you are strong enough to help me turn the 500lb patient q2h...
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    I actually love working with gay guys. They are fun and funny. I think each facility should have at least one so it is not BORING!

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