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I was more thinking along the lines of hospital liability and the whole me too movement, and how it may be difficult for straight males to get on floors that are predominately children or female. Just the legal aspect of it all

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I’m heterosexual and I have women telling me about their cycles after awhile.

We are all vulnerable in some way. Sorry, life is hard. Know that they are miserable creatures that have to try to exploit any, what they consider a character flaw.

Harden up and drive on dude. You know your worth, don’t let them, anyone, tell you different.

I am a Hetero/Black male, and out of my whole class, I am the only black male in it. I get that you feel stereotyped, but look at it this way, this is your career, not theirs. People can look, laugh, and comment, but you will laugh all the way to the bank when you are done. Let people live in their little worlds, and judge you how they see fit, because everybody gets sick!!!! everybody will see a nurse at least once in their lives. You are choosing a career that will take you places in your life. As a heterosexual male, I could care less about what someones sexuality is, that is none of my business, not my concern, nor is it my place to judge. and personally I don't care. All I care about is how you treat me and others. Focus on your goals, and don't worry about what other people think, we aren't there yet as a society.

Well hello there RShields Shay here. I just want to let you know that you are not alone in this world and going through this certain experience by yourself. I'm Bi sexual and I am a nurse here in Toledo, OH. I'm not from here I just moved to Ohio a couple of months back to be closer to my children and girlfriend.

Things have not always been easy for me as a female and being of Mixed descent, It's always been a struggle for me but when faced with those kind of experiences I choose to take the high road and report that person and or group to my HR because I come to work to feel safe and get my work done not to be criticized treated unfairly or made fun of. That's harassment something that should NOT be tolerated in ANY facility. That's not right.

What I say to you is to stand up for yourself and let your HR department know and remain anonymous. I'm here if you EVER want to talk.

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