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First off, I have done extensive searching on this site and on Google in general, and in stores around my area for months now, so this isn't a lazy attempt at getting help. The problem I am having is that I cannot seem to find... Read More

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    This won't help with shoes for clinicals, but my dad, who wore a size 11 1/2 4E because of very
    high instep, found most of his shoes either from Nunn-Bush or Florsheim (sp.?) and his sport shoes
    came from LL Bean.

    A neighbor's son who eventually grew to be 7' 2 1/2" and wore a ridiculously huge wide shoe finally
    ordered his non-dressy shoes from the same companies who supplied a nearby pro-football team!
    His football coach called their main number, explained the problem, and whomever they transferred
    the coach to was very helpful. That kid wore something like a size 22 shoe!

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    Have you looked at Zappos? I've been able to find 4e shoes for my husband there. They have several pairs available that should work for you, and return shipping is free if they don't work out.

    I'm curious as to why you can't wear the Dansko ones with the closed back; they meet all the OSHA criteria.
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    Also, if you find some that are close - like New Balance, but they have grey stitching around the logo, for instance - use white shoe polish to rectify that problem. This expands your options quite a bit.

    Good luck!
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    Like mentioned earlier, Amazon has several white shoes in size 11. Some may have a very light grey trim, but could be covered with polish if too conspicuous.
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    I bought a pair in Nike's at Footlocker. They have 2 different kinds that are solid white. (And I mean SOLID white!) They are all leather with no holes or mesh either.
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    I went out and about last night again, and could not find anything (shock). Just to say I tried something, I bought some Skechers Felix Keystones last night...I am just going to cut off the emblem. They are supposed to be good nursing type shoes. Meh whatever I give up.
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    Tommy Hilfiger Shoes, Flag Lace Up Sneakers - Mens Shoes - Macy's

    only white shoe I found that doesn't look straight goofy! And comfy to me but I have a flat foot. I am one of those weirdos that would wear vibram fivefingers everywhere if I could. I like having zero support.
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    Dansko make an all white Men's clog if you want real nurse shoes.

    Adidas superstar 2's come in white/white.

    Both nike and reebok make classic sneakers that are all white leather.

    Dickies make all whites.

    Keen - PTC SLIP ON II: KEEN Footwear - Mobile

    Merrel Encore Moc Pro: but they're getting hard to find in white.
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    I got $16 white clogs off amazon & they are much more comfy than the $60 New Balance I bought before that.

    I think the amazon ones are Light Weight Comfortable Nursing Clogs in white & they are $10 + $6 shipping. Order down a half size or do, they run large. I have high arches & need support & they are working great for me!
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    Can someone help me? My nursing school is requiring me to get white shoes. Clogs and sneakers are not allowed. I'm having difficulty since all I seem to find are white cogs and white sneakers. Help????

    P.S. Do these meet the qualifications? I'm getting conflicted responses from my mother and sister....

    Dickies Mexam Men's Nursing Shoes White Size 8W Free Shipping | eBay

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