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  1. elementguy13

    Program time restriction?

    Does anybody know if all nursing classes need to be completed within a 2 year time span, for example? I have completed 6 nursing classes so far and need 3 more plus 3 gen eds. I am looking to take summers off but I wanted to make sure I complete the program by a specific time if need be. Does Ohio let us take this program over a 3 year span if we wanted? I couldn't really find any info regarding this. Thanks.
  2. elementguy13

    Objective/ Subjective data

    Crying for long periods could be objective but we would need more info. Does the nurse see this this throughout the day or is the patient explaining what happened at home? Etc.
  3. elementguy13

    Great at care plans, suck at concept maps.

    IMHO concept maps seem very unprofessional. And correct me if I am wrong, will never be used in the real world. Its a mess of boxes and circles.. it felt so unorganized. The only benefit of a concept map to me is that it can have more than one diagnosis versus having separate care plans for each diagnosis. As a nurse I would NOT want to look at a concept map that another nurse wrote. Its a waste of time deciphering it.
  4. elementguy13

    how to study for exams...? these are supposedly "NCLEX" style questions

    Our textbooks have online portions that offer nclex style questions for every single chapter! Over 1000 nclex style questions for our entire textbook.. its great. They even have an iphone app for the questions!
  5. elementguy13

    Does it matter where you go for Nursing School?

    I go to what some would call a small community college in Pa. But last year our program went against other major universities such as Drexel, Pitt, Duquesne etc and we were top in the state. Just because its a huge university with expensive tuition does not mean you are going into the best program.
  6. elementguy13

    Nursing vs. Occupational Therapy vs. Speech Pathology

    I shadowed a physical therapist for a day once as backup for nursing (did not think I was going to get into the nursing program, but I did!) I enjoyed it but the physical therapist was never seen.. they set up the care plans and sit in an office and come to see how the PTA (physical therapist assistant) is doing every now and then. If you want to work with patients than assistant is the way to go but of course there is less money. I was in the same room as the occupational therapy and they were sitting down with the patient (mostly stroke patients) and helping them with daily tasks such as brushing there hair and moving objects. I respect what they do but I could not see myself doing that. It seemed very boring. But again.. I observed a physical therapist assistant.. so I could be very wrong. Oh, and if you want to talk about back problems.. PTA is for you!! They lift people all day.. stop people from falling over.. it was really tasking on the body. Occupational therapy is not. In the end, the thing I enjoyed most about my day were talking to the patients and hearing them say thank you. I think its why a lot of us are in the healthcare field.
  7. elementguy13

    What courses did you take in conjunction with A & P?

    When I took A&P I also took statistics, modern social problems, and Psychology. I had two B's and two A's at the end of the semester. IMO when taking sciences it is always a little overwhelming lol
  8. elementguy13

    Anyone seen any all-white shoes?

    Tommy Hilfiger Shoes, Flag Lace Up Sneakers - Mens Shoes - Macy's only white shoe I found that doesn't look straight goofy! And comfy to me but I have a flat foot. I am one of those weirdos that would wear vibram fivefingers everywhere if I could. I like having zero support.
  9. elementguy13

    When will being an RN stop sucking?

    What job do people not hate to some degree? Every profession has its downsides. I don't think I've ever met a person that didn't have something bad to say about their job. Maybe a professional athlete, movie actor, or model love their jobs but again..
  10. elementguy13

    The rolling backpack debate

    We don't have to bring text books to class. THANK GOD! Those things are huge.
  11. elementguy13

    College Chemistry during summer...am I crazy?

    I'm sure about online Chemistry. Our classes were 4 times a week in person and almost 3 hours long daily but my lecture professor ended class about an hour and 1/2 early and allowed us to stay and do homework in the book. She never checked it for completion but she looked at it as a time for students to practice what would be on the test and have time to ask her questions. That really helped! Chemistry is hard when reading from the textbook.. but in person and having it explained to me was so nice. So I personally would not go for the hybrid.
  12. elementguy13

    College Chemistry during summer...am I crazy?

    I took Chemistry in the summer for my nursing program and I was pleasantly surprised. My professors understood that we didn't want to be there and they really didn't want to be there so they really modified the course. Half the time the professor said "we'll skip over this since its a summer course".. I didn't really think the class was hard. I got a D in chem in high school and a high B in college. It all depends on your professors.. use ratemyprofessors.com! I used it every semester for pre-reqs.
  13. elementguy13

    What was the first thing to go?

    social life, gym, sleep, school work.. right now I am missing only the first but I hope that isn't how tough your nursing program is lol
  14. elementguy13

    Pharm test

    How many did you need to know? I need to learn 180 by december!
  15. elementguy13

    Ages of male nursing students?

    20 years young and just started the ADN program a few days after my birthday! I am pretty sure I am the youngest in my class of 64 and there is probably about 8 guys.