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  1. I moved out-of-state for the past 10 months to get a new grad job on a Telemetry unit(we're also the step-down unit) at a regional level 2 trauma center in the northern midwest. I'm looking to find a hospital that hires into their ICU(s) with my one ...
  2. And this is why I hate floating to stepdown...

    I work at a mid-sized hospital on a 32-bed 'Telemetry' unit, but we are THE step-down unit. We titrate NTG, dopamine, dobutamine, diltiazem, and a few other drips (not levo or epi). We have monitors at bedside that we can wirelessly sync to the Tele ...
  3. CABG in am and on Plavix? I don't get it

    We had the Effient reps in last week, and I have the literature in front of me, because I was curious about this too. Effient reaches the therapeutic level of about 75% platelet inhibition in about 2 hours with a loading dose. And since it's an irrev...
  4. End of CCT Nurses in California?

    You can fight if off locally, the counties have to allow it individually.
  5. UC Davis Nurse Residency September 2013 cohort

    It has been a week since anyone's posted about getting an interview. Anyone getting calls? What unit(s)?
  6. UC Davis Nurse Residency September 2013 cohort

    I was wondering if people have gotten calls from other units. We've only heard from Reebles on here so far. I'm really interested in critical care units and emergency.
  7. I read a post of someone who did this, and I was wondering how it worked. Do they orient you like a full time employee and then you just get called off a lot, and obviously no benefits. Is it a good idea? Is it easier to get hired this way? Did you g...
  8. new grad position want Certs?

    Okay, so I found a new grad posting (rare), and the want ACLS (which I have), but also: Basic Cardiac Monitoring Certification and Telemetry Certificate required. Are those easily obtained? How do I do it? Are there online ones? Do I need these if...
  9. UC Davis Nurse Residency September 2013 cohort

    No one said this yet on here, I think. I talked to someone from nurse recruiting on Tuesday and they said they are hiring 40 new grads, "the most we've ever taken." So, all other things being equal 40/500 x100% = 8% chance of getting a job if you go...
  10. UC Davis Nurse Residency September 2013 cohort

    Same here. My school didn't do senior preceptorships, that's why I want a solid nurse residency so badly. I hope that doesn't hurt my chances. I'm also a UC alumnus, I wonder if that helps at all. I didn't see any unit preference form in the applica...
  11. I've read accounts of people getting into training programs with companies out of school, and some companies have hints about these programs on their websites, but no real information It this a state practice act thing? I called one clinic (a Freseni...
  12. Where are new grads being hired right now?

    Stanford is desirable experience for new nurses to get on their resume, but from what I hear they are not the best employer in the area(as far as benefits, salary, etc). It costs tens of thousands of dollars to train new nurses, and these nurses tend...
  13. Best online Psych NP Program?

    That's not how tax brackets work. You don't even hit the 35% bracket if you're making under 90k. Or are you just estimating and adding in state income tax as well?
  14. Am I ready to take my NCLEX??

    Everyone feels like they failed, because the nature of the test is to find the limit of how hard the level of questions you can take. If you get a few questions correct in the beginning in a row, then you could get every other question wrong and st...
  15. Am I ready to take my NCLEX??

    Look, your scores are good. You've been out of school for three months. Why wait any longer? Some studies show waiting longer just decreases you chances of passing. I'm the taking it next week and your scores are higher than mine so far.