Accepted into the ADN program!

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    I've been done with my pre-reqs for two semesters now and after my second time applying I FINALLY got got my acceptance letter this week, and orientation is next Friday! I can't wait to finally get started on the good stuff!

    As you can see, I'm pretty new around here but I've done a lot of lurking. Great forum and I look forward to getting to know some of you better!

    - Derek
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    Wow, that was a long wait. I would've moved on to something else. Glad you stuck it out. Congrats on the acceptance.
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    Congrats. What school are you going to?
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    Thank you! I'm attending Florence-Darlington Technical College in Florence, SC for my ADN program... Hopefully heading to USC afterwards to finish up my BSN
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    Congrats!! Now asked for it!
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    haha indeed! I'm ready for it though... After working 9 years in a job that I DESPISED and having never gotten the chance to go to college after high school, I've wanted it too much for too long to look back now! :-)
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    Congrats! Get as much rest as you can before you start.
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    Congrats Derek....
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    Grats man!

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